To bleach your hair aacquire you should wait at leastern three weeks.

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You have the right to bleach aget after three weeks if your hair isn’t dry, frizzy, or has actually split ends. I’ll tell you some tips on exactly how to defend your hair below. Conversely, if your bleached hair mirrors visible signs of severe damage, such as hair breakage after 3 weeks, you can’t bleach your hair aget.

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If you desire to quickly know how lengthy to wait in between each bleaching process, I recommend looking somewhere else.

The answer I’m going to offer you isn’t short. Also, it’s more than likely not the one you desire to hear.

Having said that, we have the right to relocate on.

A few days back, I obtained this question by email.

“Alejandra: I bleached my hair today. Would you please let me know just how lengthy I need to wait to bleach my hair again?

Thank you very a lot.


When I get these inquiries by email, I can’t aid but frvery own.

This is unfortunate for my cosmetologist, who constantly asks me to avoid this type of facial expression to prevent premature wrinkles.

It’s not that I frown because I gain angry. I sindicate perform it out of issue.

I gain upset for those civilization that think bleaching is a straightforward procedure of lightening the hair.

They ask as if the hair didn’t experience or gain modified.

Oh, please!


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Once and also for all, I require you to understand that bleaching is a chemical procedure that wreaks havoc on your hair.

Still, if you’re wondering exactly how long you need to wait to bleach your hair aacquire, the answer, without any type of beating roughly the bush, will be “it depends.”

It does. It counts on many type of components.

Lastly, and simply to be clear: I don’t support at-residence bleaching procedures.

The videos you watch everyday on Instagram or YouTube may show you people bleaching hair in virtually 3 magical procedures and with amazing outcomes. But don’t be fooled.

Not all that glitters is gold.

I say this from my own endure. Every day woguys come to my salon trying to find a magic solution to the terrible impacts of bleaching procedures.

As I recognize that not everyone will listen to my referrals, let me provide you some tips that you have to, at least, pay attention to if you desire to have the healthiest possible hair in between each bleaching process.

First of all, let me explain briefly what bleaching is.

What is a bleaching process? Why can it destroy your hair if you don’t wait for at least three weeks to perform it again?


Tbelow is one primary ingredient at work during bleaching: hydrogen peroxide, which penetprices the hair follicle to remove and wash away the melanin. Melanin provides your hair its organic shade.

Now, if you have actually dark hair and also you want to lighten it, you’ll have to go through a number of procedures before reaching the pale shade. First, you’ll go from dark to ovariety or red. Then, in the second stage, your hair will certainly reach yellow or blonde.

That’s good. Now, let’s move on to the vital part.

After a bleaching session, you need to wait at leastern three weeks prior to bleaching again.

In the meantime, you must nourish your hair.

It doesn’t issue if your hair is healthy and balanced or feels a bit dehydrated.

You need to always wait three weeks. Even if your hair is healthy and balanced after the first bleaching procedure, it doesn’t intend it’ll still be healthy and balanced after the second bleaching.

So, you have to wait three weeks and also repair the hair also if the damage isn’t visible.


What have to you do to repair it?

I’ll tell you even more about that listed below.

How to take treatment of your hair in between bleaching sessions


Before I begin, let me clarify somepoint for you.

If your hair is badly damaged, you shouldn’t bleach it aget.


Because bleach have to only be applied to healthy or moderately damaged hair.

If your hair has serious damages, breakage, frizz, roughness, and also stiffness, you need to forget about bleaching until you repair it.

After bleaching your hair for the first time, and to prepare it for the second bleaching session, you must take care of your hair nearly as if it were a newborn baby.

What I recommend is to leave coconut oil in your hair overnight two or three times a week.

During these 3 weeks, outside heat tools such as high-temperature hair-dryer, flat iron, or curling iron are absolutely forbidden.

I repeat. The high-temperature hair-dryer, the level iron, and the curling iron are absolutely forbidden.

They’re as forbidden as driving a automobile after partying via friends.

Instead, you might opt for healthier choices choose some fun hairformats, such as ponytails, braids, and buns.

Even hats are a good choice to save you ameans from the level iron. If you’re a fan of curls, you can go ago to the healthy and balanced halittle of our grandmothers and also use curling irons overnight to collection the curl pattern.



Look at the ends of your hair.

Do you alert your ends split, brittle, dull, or easily tangled?

It’s time for a trim to preserve healthy, moisturized hair.

If you carry out, you’ll reduce the herbal oils generated by the hair follicles on the scalp that act as a defense barrier versus harmful exterior agents.



I do not expect smearing your hair through coconut oil half an hour prior to applying the bleaching mixture. You must be proactive and also apply coconut oil the night prior to.

Simply divide your hair into strands, and apply a generous amount of coconut oil from mid-lengths to ends. Carecompletely brush your hair and cover it via a shower cap so as not to damage your pillow sheets while you sleep.

The following morning, without rinsing your hair, start the bleaching process.


If you favor not to apply coconut oil the night prior to, you can do it 2 hrs before bleaching. But remember not to rinse it out.

Do you desire to recognize a experienced stylist"s secret?

When clients pertained to my salon, in addition to using coconut oil to their hair, I additionally add 15 drops of oil to the bleach.

It better reduces the harsh impacts of hydrogen peroxide and bleach powder.

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As a skilled, I constantly recommend having actually your hair bleached at a salon to minimize hair damage.

But if you can not go to a salon, and you need to bleach your hair again, you must wait three weeks between each session and nourish your hair intensively throughout that time

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