Zach has actually been coin collecting considering that childhood. He loves all coins, but Lincoln pennies and also Jefferson nickels are his favorites to collect.

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Read on to discover just how much the pennies in your piggy bank are really worth . . .

Photograph by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

Are you hoping to come to be the next millionaire from a penny plucked from pocket change? If so, excellent luck! It's not that I don't think you can't discover one, yet the truth of the issue is that the odds aren't even remotely in your favor.

However, with that sassist, tright here are still rather a couple of practical pennies in circulation today. Sure, you won't strike it affluent if you do find one, yet through some reaching $500 in worth, you'll be glad you took a minute to glance at your pocket change!

There are billions of pennies currently in circulation, so there's constantly a possibility that you might find somepoint. This post will explore seven of the the majority of handy pennies in circulation this particular day.

Did You Know?

Numismatics is the study or collection of any kind of kind of currency, and also world that communicate in the practice are referred to as numismatists.

Let's confront it; some things are simply too excellent to be true. When I check out articles saying that there's a chance of finding 1955 doubled die and also 1943 copper cents in circulation, I can't help but chuckle. Sure, there's not an overwhelming populous of coin collectors, yet I deserve to almost guarantee that they've rerelocated essentially all these coins from circulation. Not to point out the reality that there's just a handful of 1943 copper cents in existence! So, without taking a fantastical strategy, I've focused on salso contemporary mintage Lincoln cents that have a reasonable chance of being uncovered this day.

Salso Valuable Lincoln Cents in Circulation Today:

1983 Doubled Die Reverse1984 Double Ear1992-D Close-AM1995 Doubled Die Obverse1998 Wide AM1999 Wide AM1961-D Over Horizontal D

Continue scrolling to learn more around each of these pennies' characteristics and worths.


1. 1983 Doubled Die Reverse


The term 'doubled die' describes an error in the minting procedure in which a coin is struck twice. This reasons the coin's architecture to overlap slightly. With the 1983 doubled die penny, the error is noticeable on its backside wright here the expression "ONE CENT" is published.

Note: It might be challenging to spot through the naked eye, however upon placing the coin under 10x magnification, it need to be clear that tright here are 2 layers of words.


Because this penny is a lot of most likely going to be the hardest of the salso to discover, it does pull in higher worths. Coins in mint state condition are currently marketing for $275.

Shvery own above is the close AM variety. Few coins from 1992 exhilittle this trait. It is normal for all pennies produced after 1993.

" data-full-src="" data-image-id="ci026bcebf80042568" data-image-slug="valuable-pennies" data-public-id="MTc0NDYwMzMyMTk3MDI5MjI0" data-srcset=" 320w, 700w, 960w, 1400w" data-sizes="(min-width: 675px) 700px, 100vw" data-thumbnail="">


Shown above is a wide AM Variety. Some pennies from 1998, 1999, and 2000 exhilittle this trait. It is normal for all coins minted prior to 1994.

5. 1998 Wide AM


All pennies minted for circulation after 1993 illustrated the word "AMERICA" via the letters A and also M virtually emotional. Due to the use of a proof die on continual coins, the 1998 wide AM was born. If you have among these coins, there have to be a tiny space between the A and also the M. If the two letters look favor they are virtually emotional, it's an plain penny.


This form of penny is worth around $15 in mint state condition. Even though its mintage is unrecognized, its value tells me that they are most likely fairly common. They might simply be one of the easier-to-uncover error coins out tbelow, so keep your eyes peeled!

6. 1999 Wide AM


This coin functions the very same proof die reverse as the 1998 wide AM coin. If you have a rare selection, it will certainly have actually a small area between the letters A and M in "AMERICA."


This is absolutely among the most handy pennies in circulation, fetching prices as high as $500 in mint state condition.

7. 1961-D Over Horizontal D Penny


Though it was long-oversought being a "modern" penny and is still far less well-known than the 1909-S over horizontal S penny, this penny has actually finally earned a bit of recognition. The secondary mint mark is far even more visible on the D-over-horizontal-D variation; in fact, it is the strongest horizontal re-punched mint mark in the Lincoln Series.

Note: Though this mint note is typically simpler to watch, you may still benefit from the usage of a magnifying glass.


Circulated pennies of this type deserve to pull $10–15, however uncirculated versions can be worth upward of $60.

What Is a Mint Mark?

A mint note is a little letter that denotes the mint that made the coin. For instance, a 1914-D penny was minted in 1914 in Denver. "D" and "S" are the most widespread, yet there are other mint marks to be on the lookout for (though not all of the complying with mints manufacture(d) pennies).

Did You Know?

In the 1960s, coin collecting became so popular that it led to a coin shortage! In an effort to minimize coin collecting, coins produced in 1965, 1966, and also 1967 had no mint marks.

Mint MarkMintYears in Use


Carchild City, NV



Charlotte, NC



Dahlonega, GA



Denver, CO



New Orleans, LA

1838–1861, 1879–1909


Philadelphia, PA

1942–1945, 1979–Present


San Francisco, CA

1854–1955, 1968–Present


West Point, NY


Note: The "P" mintnote had actually never showed up on a penny until 2017, as soon as the Philadelphia mint quietly released a 2017-P penny to commemoprice the mint's 22fifth anniversary.

Note: While San Francisco is still an operational mint, it no much longer manufactures circulating coins. It now mints clad and silver proof coin sets and commemorative coins.

Note: The mints in Charlotte and also Dahlonega only create gold coins.

Coin-Roll Hunting

Looking into collecting pennies? Coin-roll hunting could be an excellent area to begin. All you need to do is obtain a few rolls of pennies from the financial institution and also type through them for coins worth more than their face worth ($0.01). A totality box of penny rolls costs $25.

Here are a few tips for those of you considering coin-roll hunting:

Purchase and also return your coin rolls from different financial institutions (preferably significant and also well-frequented ones). This will certainly reduce the possibility of you acquiring the very same rolls aobtain.Opt for paper coin rolls quite than plastic ones to reroll your undesirable pennies right into. These are more likely to organize the correct variety of coins and less most likely to slice your fingers.Keep protective casings on hand also simply in instance you discover an useful coin in mint state condition.Set up in a low-traffic area of your residence so that your coins deserve to be left undisturbed.

Which Pennies Are Worth the Most Money?

Though you're much less likely to come throughout these highly prized pennies in your pocket adjust, the complying with are the a lot of valuable Lincoln, Indian-Head, and also Wwarmth Penny cents, and the most expensive pennies of all time.

Note: There is some overlap in the tables, for instance, the 1943-S Copper Lincoln Wwarmth Penny is in both the "Many Valuable Lincoln Cents" and the "Most Valuable Wheat Pennies" tables.

A Keep in mind on 1943 Pennies

These pennies are distinctive because they are the just ones in the wwarm penny repertoire that are made of steel. They were made this way because of the conservation of copper for ammunition in WWII.

These coins show up once in a blue moon in circulation and also are quickly spotted due to their silver shade. The mints made quite a few of these coins, so a lot of specimens that you'd find in circulation are worth extremely bit. It's still a cool coin to include to any kind of arsenal, though.

Many Valuable Lincoln Cents


1943-S Copper Lincoln Wwarm Penny


1944 Steel Lincoln Wwarmth Penny


1943 Copper Lincoln Wwarmth Penny


1969-S Lincoln Memorial Penny

Doubled Die Obverse


1922 No D Level Lincoln Wwarmth Penny

No Visible Mint Mark


1955 Lincoln Wwarm Penny

Doubled Die Obverse


1917 Lincoln Wwarmth Penny

Doubled Die


1909-S VDB Lincoln Wheat Penny


1914-D Lincoln Wheat Penny


1972 Lincoln Memorial Penny

Doubled Die Obverse


1909-S Lincoln Wheat Penny

"S" Over Horizontal "S"


1909-S Lincoln Wwarmth Penny





1864 With "L"



Doubled "LIBERTY"







Last "8" Over "7"







1943-S Copper Lincoln Wwarm Penny


1944 Steel Lincoln Wheat Penny


1943 Copper Lincoln Wwarm Penny


1922 No D Plain Lincoln Wwarm Penny

No Visible Mint Mark


1955 Lincoln Wwarm Penny

Doubled Die Obverse


1917 Lincoln Wheat Penny

Doubled Die


1909-S VDB Lincoln Wheat Penny


1914-D Lincoln Wheat Penny


1909-S Lincoln Wwarmth Penny

"S" Over Horizontal "S"


1909-S Lincoln Wheat Penny



1943-D Lincoln Bronze Cent


1944-S Lincoln Steel Penny


1943-S Lincoln Cent Struck on Bronze


1909 VDB Matte Proof Lincoln Penny


1856 Flying Eagle Cent


1943 Lincoln Cent Struck on Bronze Alloy


1864 Indian-Head Penny With "L" on Ribbon


1914-D Lincoln Penny


1877 Indian-Head Penny


1926-S Lincoln Penny


Good Luck Out There!

Now that you've review with this list, you'll hopecompletely be able to go out tright here and also uncover a few practical coins for yourself. I'm curious to hear about your explorations, so please tell me what you found and also just how you went around finding it! As constantly, good luck!


© 2011 Zach


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