Net Worth:$30 Million
Real Name:Evan Fong
Birthday:31 May 1992
Height:5 Feet 11 Inches
Profession:YouTuber, Gamer


Evan Fong produced his YouTube channel VanossGaming ago in September of 2011 as soon as he was simply around 19 years old. He adopted the name “Vanoss” from his father’s alias in PlayStation 3, which was “vanoss62”. The word “vanoss” actually describes the S62 engine discovered in BMW M5.

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When he first began his channel, he would invite various other content creators just choose him and also feature them on his channel. These individualities would later show up in his videos even more typically, and soon after, his channel likewise obtained most popularity. By 2015, his channel got even more than 10 million subscribers, which would make him one of the fasted growing networks in YouTube’s history.

After receiving a lot of media attention, he neared the 11 million subscriber mark by beforehand 2015. And as such, VanossGaming arrived at the peak 25 most subscribed networks. Many media commentators established him as one of the a lot of necessary figures in the video game commentary people. What made his YouTube channel so popular is the reality that world preferred his authentic content.

How a lot money does VanossGaming make from YouTube?

Evan Fong’s YouTube channel VanossGaming has around 26 million subscribers as of 2021 and about 14 billion views. He uptons roughly 4-6 videos a week, and the majority of of those videos acquire approximately 5 million views from the initially week itself. Calculating the views from various sources, VanossGaming gets about 2.5 million views eincredibly day. All these concerned around $20,000 per day, which comes at a full of over $7 million a year just from advertising.

VanossGaming Other Sources of Income

Besides his revenue from YouTube advertisements, VanossGaming’s huge net worth also originates from his virtual save, wbelow he sells his merchandise to his loyal fans. He also earns a significant part of his revenue from sponsorship deals, brand also endorsements, and so on. VanossGaming has likewise functioned with significant carriers prefer Best Fiends, The Division, Ubisoft, Monster Legends, and also EA.

Some other sources of revenue for VanossGaming incorporate his musical career as a DJ, YouTube Red Program, and also many even more.

FAQs about VanossGaming

While VanossGaming grew up in Toronto, Canada, wright here he was also brought up, he currently resides in Los Angeles, The golden state.

VanossGaming is a Canadian YouTuber and social media personality which is of Eastern descent. He has actually a Chinese father and a Korean mother who brought him up in Toronto, Canada.

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VanossGaming’s current net worth is roughly $30 million, which does make him a millionaire. As a matter of truth, he is just one of the richest YouTubers in the civilization.