I"ve currently made a video clip on this topic, so if you wanna watch that rather of reading this, because they are going to say basically the very same point, go ahead.

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I"ve been asked a few times while streaming before why my rank is Prestige 1 level 35, but my stats surpass that of many Prestige Masters. Here"s a snapshot of my stats as of today.



Those are some fine stats, huh? Over 22 days on record, nearly 880,000 kills, 150+ rounds on 3 maps and 50+ rounds on 9 maps, damn that"s some top-tier stuff right? So why does my rank not reflect that?

What if I told you that rank means NOTHING?

One crucial lesson I learned in BO2 Zombies is that the ranking device does not expect anypoint. You have the right to be a chicken bone rank and also be as excellent as a shotgun rank. Yes, the ranking device is an excellent way to conveniently judge a player before you play a game of zombies through them, but despite the man having that sought after shotgun rank to dazzle you, it"s TOO EASY to just sit in a glitch spot on Die Rise or Buried and cheat some high rounds to rank up and also gain their shotfirearms.

And human being wonder why they lost their shotweapons as soon as they played choose shit afterwards. >_>

It"s the same story with BO3. Yes, you could fulfill someone with that flashy Prestige Master rank, however choose BO2, many easy high round glitches exist to cheat some high rounds and rank up rapid, and even if they don"t execute this, some players will perform NOTHING however camp on the catwalk on The Giant to rank approximately Prestige Master. You deserve to generally tell that does this by their rounds and their most dangerous weapon. If someone"s highest possible round is a decent round on The Giant, choose in between 40 & 50, they have actually no other good rounds, and also their most dangerous weapon is the KN-44, they camped the catwalk to gain their rank.

Now that we"ve covered that, let"s get into the more crucial factor why prestige in BO3 Zombies is pointless; tright here is no reward whatsoever for prestiging.

Unlike previous COD games, or hell also BO3 Multiplayer, the game offers you no motivation to prestige. What carry out I mean by this? Well, let"s take a look at the rewards for prestiging in BO3 Zombies. There"s two: Permanent Unlock Token, and also Fresh Start.

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The Permanent Unlock Token can be used once per prestige to permanently unlock one item to store with your prestige journey so you do not need to re-unlock it. But hey, here"s a crazy idea; why not simply continue to be wright here you are and also keep EVERYTHING rather of re-locking all however ONE added point per prestige?

The Fresh Start have the right to be offered to reset your stats, as though you"ve never before played the game of zombies. Except for significant zombies YouTubers who offered this as a cheap streaming gimmick with their "round 100 on X map or I reset my stats" streams to obtain views, I can"t fathom why anyone would certainly want to recollection their hard-earned zombie slaying stats. It appears choose a stvariety reward to offer a player, choose "HEY, good job on obtaining those stats! How would certainly you favor to begin all over, from the extremely beginning? Ahuhuh!" Like, what?

This is in sharp comparison to prestige rewards favor BO1 multiplayer, where you gained an additional custom class every odd number prestige through prestiges 1-9, colored clan tags at prestige 13, gold camo at prestige 14, and new prestige calling cards and also emblem cosmetics eincredibly prestige. MW3 had actually prestige tokens that you could trade in for extra practice classes, 2 hours of double XP, double weapon XP, or some other rewards. Even BO3"s multiplayer is much better, because you obtain an additional practice course per prestige, and also a new calling card per prestige. Those are all pretty good rewards, huh?

Why doesn"t BO3 Zombies have anypoint favor that?

Maybe we could have obtained an added GobbleGum Pack per prestige? Not that 10 packs isn"t a lot, yet if you want to have actually a fill for eincredibly map, that"s just also bad. That indicates every time I want to play a map that I do not have actually a pack setup for, I have to erase one of my existing packs and also rearea it via the one I want to setup for the map I"m around to play. That does not sound too annoying, yet this wouldn"t also be a trouble if I could gain some additional GobbleGum packs with prestiging!

If you"re interested in more ideas I"ve had for prestige rewards that might have been implemented into BO3 zombies to make prestige worthwhile, you deserve to skip to the halfmethod point of my video and also inspect that out.