I choose to carry out a little exercise as soon as I offer a talk (like the one above), which is to ask the room just how many type of golf balls fit in a bath tub.

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Not because I treatment about the answer, but bereason it"s interesting to watch the method people answer the question.

It"s amazing to watch how few civilization just Google the answer. Because if they did, it"s most likely they"d uncover this page. For some reason, world think they have to figure the answer out on their own, through no assist. I think it"s a duty of how we"re taught in school that we have recognize understand things. But I think it"s actually more essential to understand how to know points.

The answer is: It relies on the size of the bathtub. It additionally counts on the size of the golf balls. And whether or not the bathtub is empty or full. And all sorts of other presumptions.

This is why it"s so interesting to view human being answer the question, because they make the majority of implicit assumptions – consisting of (usually) assuming they have to number the answer out themselves, rather of simply in search of the answer.

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That"s why the question is really around thinking external the box.

For the document, if you assume an empty, typical sized bathtub (around 60" long and also 32" wide x 18" tall, that"s 34,560 cubic inches) and a typical sized golf ball of 2.5 cubic inches (4/3 * pi * .85), you could fit 13,824 golf balls. However, as a result of the spbelow packing difficulty (several empty space in between the balls, even when stacked) you need to multiply that answer by 0.74, which gives you 10,229.76 golf balls. We"ll simply round approximately 10,231 once you account for that extra golf ball in the drain!

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