I was doing an English test, and also it showed up the question below. The question was declared exactly the method it is presented and tright here is no context, simply the question:

Complete via the correct form:

How ___ does it take from your residence to work?

A) Far

B) Long

C) Often

D) Many

I am in doubt between exactly how much and exactly how lengthy. Without a context it is complex to answer. I would certainly favor to know from you men, what perform you think or what expression is more used?



"How far does it take..." does not sound ideal. The answer is "long" regardmuch less of any type of conmessage here.

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"How much do you need to travel to obtain to work?" Would be the way to ask the question if distance was the focus.

Edit: Somepoint not sounding right isn"t enough of a factor so here"s one more way to think around this. Things "take" time, not distance.

It takes a minute to walk tbelow.


It takes a meter to walk tbelow.



The "does it take" part is the hint in this case: You might sensibly ask just how much it is from your residence to job-related."Does it take" yet is short for "does it take you to travel/to go from your residence to work". In that instance, the only word that fits is "long".

"How much is it from your house to work?"

"How lengthy does it take from your residence to work?"

"How frequently doe you go from your home to your work?"

"How many kind of miles is it from your home to your work?"

"How many times per week execute you go from your home to your work?"

The different alternatives that are offered all come through different idioms to complete the question.

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answered Jan 28 "14 at 15:16

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