I don"t know. I"m 18 hours in and I -think- I"m on the last mission, unmuch less there"s some twist to it I haven"t seen yet. It"s not the most engrossing of stories to be hoswarm, but the game plays well anymeans. Heh. I am 15 hours in, and also I have actually just recently left the initially solar mechanism. I am REALLY enjoying the game, and also taking things slowly. I have spend many time simply looking approximately and also flying through no particular function. From the past experiences I recognize that tright here is never a beter time than the initially time. Everypoint is brand-new and amazing, so I try to savour whatever very slowly.

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Took me 40 hours to max out on all content (ship, tools, subsystems)Each hour was filled with excitement :)
You most likely hit favor 15 hrs to finish the major game. Not a lot to execute after that. Story was pretty bland. Now in a dreadnaught doing judicious chuckles at pirates who can not also complete their insult as 20 Neutron Beams rip across their hull.But yeah, gameplay"s decent.
There"s 14 huge systems to explore, I"m still in the initially mechanism and I"m presently 11 hours in and also only done a few story objectives, yet I"m enjoying acquiring sidetracked. There"s lots to kill and uncover as you explore and unlock areas on the map, you"ll spfinish a long time trying out and doing misc errands. The gameplay is brilliant, so you"ll more than likely spfinish a looooooing time doing stuff outside of the story itself, which so far enables you to progress it at your own pace.
At 15 hours played, I have actually not finiburned the initially device (of 14 total). So, rather a lot if you gain open-civilization gameplay and also procedurally produced goals.It would certainly be a lot shorter if you just complied with the main storyline, but who does that in open-human being games? :)
It would certainly be a lot shorter if you just followed the main storyline, but who does that in open-civilization games? :) Yeah, I agree. I just wish tright here was a means to disable the markers for the primary story line... :)
Depends on the player, I will most likely get 60-80 hours out of the game because I just love this style of game.

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