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OK Went out this day and bought the constant edition of halo 5, given that I"ve acquired the limited edition coming tomorrow which I"ll keep and probably finish up offering or marketing the continual edition to my frifinish

10:39 pm and also I"ve tried truing off the WiFi and that just stops the game from installing? Its like its fucking downloading and also installing the game off the fucking MS store/internet also though I bought the game on a fucking DISC and also am installing it that way?!WTF " title="Angry " data-shortname="" />
No its not doing that what I think might be happening is when you are connected to the internet your client polls the content server to see if tright here is a patch, then the they attempt and also talk ago and forth while your trying to install the game. Turning it off in the middle wont make it much better because the client can be waiting for a response and also wont continue until it times out the response or stops the retry device they have programmed. This is simply a theory.
Well either method its still installing really fucking sluggish and normally the patch/upday is downloaded & installed before the game is even mounted to began with, thus the factor why some game"s look choose they"re not installing and also seem choose they froze via zero % moved on the installation bar? however are in fact downloading and then installing the day one patch/download for that game before the game is also installed?At leastern that"s what I"ve review and also been told, however that knows
" title="Confoffered " data-shortname="" /> Me on the other hand has his install stuck

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68% & its now 10:57 pm with the install taking its sweet fucking time for no factor at all? its states in the xbox one alert that I started installing Halo 5 7 freaking hours ago! this hregarding be the longest fucking game install I"ve had actually to wait for because updating to the new xbox one dash board? This has actually never occurred to me or taken a game this lengthy to install on either of my xbox one tough drive"s because updating to the new xbox one dash board " title="Angry " data-shortname="" />I"m going to simply leave it do its freaking point while I watch me some TV and hopefully loss asleep, that way once I wake up in the morning it have to be freaking done so I can stat playing the game I need to have been playing considering that at leastern 6:00 pm tonight, but for what ever before freaking factor the game determined it would certainly take over 8 plus hours to install rather of maybe just 1 hour favor they commonly take on a bad day
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