Been selling on Ebay for a couple of years however this one is new to me. A customer bought something, Paypal sent me a message saying they had actually supplied an "e-cheque" and also I should wait till it gets rid of prior to sending the item.

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That was the 11th April, and also today is the 24th. Still hasn't cleared. Does it commonly take that long? I issue the customer will think I'm the delay, and also I've acquired the item organized aside for her. But virtually two weeks have actually passed currently. Should I be contacting anyone to clear up whats happening? Or is this normal?


'e-check' being a withattract from the individuals bank account through paypal as opposed to being withattracted from monies in their paypal account itself or a crmodify card attached to their paypal account.

Per paypal

*UNITED STATE - approximately 6 business days *Canada - up to 8 service days *UK - approximately 9 functioning days *Australia - 7-8 working days

When I obtain an e-examine, I send a brief message to the buyer along the lines of "many thanks for the payment. Your item is packaged and ready to go. I will ship it on the day the e-inspect gets rid of, which is expected to be xx/xx/xxxx. If you have actually inquiries in the meantime, please let me know."

This keeps the buyer from reasoning that the delay is me. It renders the buyer feel prefer I am communicating. Often, buyers that pay by e-check don't understand also that is what they are doing.

In your Paypal account it have to say the meant day for the eCheck to clear.....don't expect it to clear any earlier than that date.

Its pretty messed up really bereason they pull money for an eCheck immediately and also in virtually every circumstance they recognize if it clears wipoint 1-2 days, but they will certainly make you wait 1-2 weeks for it to clear.

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Based on the spelling of cheque, in assuming non US, in which situation it is frequently 7 to 9 company days. Today is day 9 (assuming tright here were no bank holidays in your area). If it doesn't clear by tomorrow, or company day 10 (due to holiday), contact the buyer and they will should investigate what is going on. It's an issue with their financial institution and also paypal.


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