Casual: okaeri (oh-kai-eh-ree) おかえり (お帰り)

Polite: okaerinasai (oh-kai-eh-ree-nah-sigh) おかえりなさい (お帰りなさい)The many prevalent expression provided to welcome someone residence is:

Okaerinasai (おかえりなさい)

This is commonly sassist in response to (or responded to with):

Tadaima (ただいま) ("I"m back/home!")

welcome house is okaerinasaiTo greet someone who has actually returned, you may say "okaeri." "Welcome ago ideal friend" is kind of awkward, and also I don"t imagine that would occur very regularly in Japan. A simple, enthusiastic "okaeri!" have to be sufficient. It is written: お帰り

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