I checked out Mexico for my birthday and also asked for bizcocho chocolate (a cacao cake) and they started at me like I had 2 heads. Due to the fact that bizcocho means cake in Caribbean Latin nations, I didn"t think anything of it. Turns out in Mexico I was asking for a piece of chocolate vagina.

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Chocha (Puerto Rico)

Only in Latin America does a word have a double interpretation prefer this: either a vagina or a grouchy old person.

La Bomba (Cuba)

This translates to "the bomb." It speaks for itself.

Popola (Dominican Republic)

I asked eincredibly Dominideserve to I know, and also no one had a clue wright here this word came from. It sounds prefer somepoint a kid made up.

Toto (throughout Latin America)

You will certainly never watch The Wizard of Oz the very same again.

Papaya (Cuba)

If you slice a papaya in fifty percent, it kind of looks favor a vagina. That"s why Cubans died laughing at Mitt Romney as soon as he innocently sassist he loves mango, papaya, and guava.

Cosita (South America)

It suggests "little thing," which is weird, because that describes their vagina as a "little thing?"

Concha (Central America)

A concha is a shell. This is the Spanish variation of calling it a "clam."

Pupusa (Guatemala and also El Salvador)

Pupusas are corn tortillas stuffed through all sorts of stuff, choose meat, cheese — you name it. This one a lot of most likely came up at a dinner as soon as someone made the clever before pun: "I hope the pupusas aren"t the just things acquiring stuffed tonight!"

Perereca (Brazil)

Who in the human being thought of referring to a woman"s genitalia as a frog? I can"t.

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