When learning a language, tbelow is one thing you won’t most likely discover in the publications, nor in the classroom. That is the language of the streets, or ‘el slang’.

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Slang words will vary across Spanish-speaking regions. So, for example if you visit Mexico, you will likely hear words that are not regularly provided in Spain, and also vice versa.

The great news is the word distinctions between regions don’t prevent civilization from understanding one an additional. However before, it can be valuable to recognize some of the regional words that you will likely come across if you intfinish on making friends.

Last week we went to Spain. This week we travel to Mexico


Spanish Slang from Mexico

FRESA = TO BE POSH (adjective)Spanish synonym: PIJOEste bar está lleno de gente fresa. Ellos van solo a bares carosThis bar is complete of posh people. They only go to expensive bars

NACO = REDNECK / LOWER CLASE (noun)Spanish synonym: BARRIOBAJERO / PERSONA DE CLASE BAJAA veces los nacos me hacen reír cuando hablan asíSometimes redneck world make me laugh as soon as they talk favor that

CHELA = BEER (noun)Spanish synonym: CERVEZA¿Esta tarde nos tomamos unas chelas juntos?This afternoon we’ll grab some beers together?

¿QUÉ ONDA? = WHAT’S UP?  (expression)Spanish synonym: ¿QUÉ TAL?¡Marina! ¿Qué onda? ¿Te veré el sábaperform en la fiesta?Marina! What’s up? Will I check out you Saturday at the party?

PEDO/A = DRUNK (adjective)Spanish synonym: BORRACHOMi hermano estaba pecarry out y se fue a casa prontoMy brvarious other was drunk and he left to go residence early

CHIDO/A = COOL (adjective)Spanish synonym: GUAYEsta película está chida porque reúne a los mejores actoresThis movie is cool because it reunites the finest actors

¡NO MANCHES! = NO WAY! (expression)Spanish synonym: ¡VENGA YA!¡No manches! ¡No hay más entradas para el concierto!No way! There are no even more tickets for the concert!

GUEY/WEY = MAN/DUDE (noun)Spanish synonym: TIO, AMIGONo me lo creo wey, conseguiste el trabajo!I don’t believe it man, you gained the job!

CHAVO/A = BOY/GIRL/KID (noun)Spanish synonym: NIÑO / AEs un parque muy bonito para los chavos y las chavasIt is an extremely beautiful park for the boys and girls

NETA= REALLY (expression)Spanish synonym: ¿EN SERIO?¿Neta que tienes 35 años? You are really 35 years old?

¡Ahora tú! (Now you!) Try making use of your new slang in a sentence in the comments and we’ll correct it for you or let you recognize you’re on the best track.

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