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His chronic absence of judgement and also naive method to the complexities of the culture lead inevitably to tragedy.

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He has actually been particularly criticized for absence of army endure and naive views of warfare.They were naive through respect to the purpose of the experiment and none of them had actually participated in the previous experiment.The authors are not naïve around the barriers to the procedure of trial and error and fostering.I can't think she's that naive and also she's a nurse and also she's an educated perboy.I don't think that I was - I think I was more naive on that front than one would certainly mean.They were naive to believe they were immune from war's violence.I'm not naive enough to think that the task of the press is to make the president look good or also to make the nation look good.Only a really naive observer would certainly conclude that this is presently a party via the emphasis and energy to win an additional mandate, whoever its leader might be.You always shelp that you were politically naive, that you were a non-political perkid.I'm not naive enough to think everyone will certainly think this one with prefer the engineer geek I am.We are not naive around the many kind of dangers and dangers there are this particular day to civilization peace and also security, nor around the urgent should execute somepoint around them.When she does interact in critical analysis, the outcomes are naive and limited.Based on this fairly naive childhood wish, I did many research study and also ultimately acquired tbelow.I stand by my labeling of the answer as naïve, yet.An mindful, as opposed to naive, romanticism never did anyone any type of harm.Aobtain, to be fair, in Bangalore he made a bold - some would certainly say naive - attempt to redefine Britain's duty in the human being.Investing in art is ideal for naive investors since it is risk-cost-free.He was naïve about this because of his inexperience.This appears pretty naïve and also normally enough there's been no development.


(art/artist) (invariable adjective) naif
Example sentences
His style appears to represent a suggest halfmeans in between naive art and Expressionism.Like the sculpture, the images represent a very naive viewallude in the art human being.The collection is striking in its combicountry of functions from both the worlds of art brut and also naive art.In such occupational his style was colourful and bizarre, periodically through an nearly naive top quality of freshness.When on the exterior walls, they are of straightforward style in an extra naive style.He picks the naive strategy and also joyous colours and also creates creating a montage of the flora, fauna and world of South Asia.Admittedly, I did obtain the feeling that extfinished exposure to its naive style could weary me, yet at initially glance?This campaign utilises unconnected fun visuals and a faux naive style, which provides it all the smarter.Executed in the very same level, nearly naïve style, the stylus emerges from the ideal hand side virtually threateningly, bearing down on the record.She presents characters, churches and landscapes in a naïve and also nostalgic method, yet also flavoured through a little bit of this kitsch.Her deindications which were both naive and also decorative confirmed good purity of line.A series of naïve pop images has actually been created making use of the phone's illustration application.Such naïve art of the Vermicelli school is the exceptionally antithesis of this Art.Not that all the art on screen is naive; some of it is beautiful in its very own best.Liclose to simplicity, naive spontaneity, subtlety of tones and amazing approaches mark his abstracts.

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Her paintings are exquisite, naïve and impressionistic, ghostly boats that drift throughout dripped canvases.