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Principal TranslationsInglésEspañolbrvery own hair nnoun: Refers to perboy, area, point, top quality, and so on.

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(brunette or chestnut hair)cabello castaño nm + adjShe wore a brown shirt to match her brvery own hair.Usaba una remera marrón para que incorporate con su cabello castaño.pelo castaño nm + adj
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brvery own hairbrvery own hairbrown, straight hair / directly, brvery own hair?brunette / brvery own hairchestnut/brvery own (hair)carefully shorn brown hairI have actually a tool brvery own right hair - grammarIt is exceptionally nice to have actually brown hair and also blue eyes!light brown hairtool length brown hair - grammarmedium-brown English hairbrief brown curly hair (word order) - grammarbrief dark brown curly hair (adjective order) - grammartheir hair are brvery own - grammarTurn her silky brown hair a dark wealthy hairYou would look better with brvery own hair with highlights.a wedge of honey-brvery own hair - English Only forumBoys, who have brvery own hair, are exceptionally handsome. - English Only forumDark or brvery own hair? - English Only forumdull brvery own hair - English Only forumearbobs with their long gold fringe hung down from loops of tidily netted hair, swinging cshed to her brown eyes - English Only forumHe has actually curly, brvery own hair. / He has actually brvery own, curly hair. - English Only forumHe is a tall guy, 61 yrs old via brvery own hair - English Only forumher mound of Venus, on the soft brown maiden-hair - English Only forumI've obtained right, lengthy, brown hair: adjective order - English Only forumif I had brown hair, would I look better - English Only forumlimp brown hair - English Only forumlong unkempt chocolate-brown hair - English Only forumsequence of adjectives - English Only forumShe's acquired lengthy brvery own hair. / She's acquired lengthy and brvery own hair. - English Only forumeven more...
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