If you’ve ever experienced an earthquake in soimg.org-speaking nations, you know that it’s a scary instance to be in.

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A considerable portion of Latin America is located in El Cinturón de Fuego del Pacífico, also well-known as the Pacific Fire Belt. This indicates most countries in the Americas that have a shore on the Pacific Ocean have not only high volcanic task yet additionally earthquake task.

Read this blog short article to learn around earthquakes in Latin America and Spain, find earthquake safety and security tips in soimg.org, and also study general earthquake vocabulary. Grab a sturdy chair, put your difficult hat on, and also obtain all set to learn about earthquakes in soimg.org!

Earthquake Vocabulary in soimg.org

Let’s learn some general earthquake vocabulary! If you want to learn even more around earthquake safety, please check out these main earthquake safety and security tips to much better prepare yourself if a disaster strikes.

Earthquake Safety in soimg.org

AidLa ayuda
Drop!¡Al suelo!
Hold on!¡Agárrate fuerte!
FirefightersLos bomberos
Search partyEl equipo de rastreo
RationsLas raciones
WaterEl agua
ShelterEl refugio
InjuredLos damnificados
GroceriesLos víveres
First help kitEl kit de primeros auxilios
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)La resucitación cardiopulmonar
SutureLa sutura
GauzeLa gasa

Earthquake in soimg.org Terminology

EarthquakeEl terremoto
TremorEl temblor
Earthquake aftershockLa réplica
Tectonic platesLas placas tectónicas
SeismographEl sismógrafo
RubbleLos escombros
EpicenterEl epicentro
Fault lineLa línea de falla
MagnitudeLa magnitud
Richter scaleLa escala de Richter
Seismic wavesLas ondas sísmicas
Plate boundaryEl límite de placas
LiquefactionLa licuefacción
MantleEl manto
CrustLa corteza
ContinentEl continente


Earthquake Conversations in soimg.org

Let’s exercise with some phrases and also conversations around earthquakes in soimg.org!

¿Aló, Rosa?Hola Rita, ¿Sentiste el temblor?-¡Sí! Qué miecarry out que haya pasado durante la madrugada.¿Todo bien en tu casa?No estoy segura, creo que escuché un ruiperform fuerte bajanperform las gradas. Voy a revisar si están bien mis gatitos.OK, ten cuidado. Recuerda que pueden haber réplicas.Tú también, estoy aquí si me necesitas.

-Hello, Rosa?Hi Rita, did you feel the earthquake?-Yes! It’s so scary that it taken place so late during the night.Is everything ok at home?-I’m not certain. I think I heard a loud noise downstairs. I’ll go examine if my kitties are okay.OK, be careful. Remember that tbelow could be an aftershock.-You as well, I’ll be here if you require me.


Rob, escuche del terremoto en Honduras. ¿Están bien?Hola Carlos, gracias por preguntar. Todos estamos bien, el epicentro fue lejos de donde vivimos, aquí solo se movieron un poco las lámparas.Qué me alegro.Sí, parece que cerca del epicentro estuvo peor, en un par de horas vamos a ir con los chicos a comprar víveres para donar.Qué buena concept. Yo sé que a Sammy le gusta entretener a los niños con sus trucos de magia.Por supuesto, ella ya empacó su maleta y su baraja para que pasen un rato alegre en este momento difícil.

-Rob, I heard around the earthquake in Honduras. Are you alright?Hey Carlos, many thanks for asking. We’re all simply fine, the epifacility was far away from our house so all we gained below was some lamps relocating approximately.-I’m glad to hear that.Yeah, it looks prefer points are worse close to the epicenter, in a pair of hours we’re going to buy groceries to donate with the children.-That’s a good idea. I know Sammy loves to entertain the children through her magic tricks.Of course, she currently packed a suitsituation and also her playing cards to aid the children have fun in a daunting instance.

Other Natural Disasters


Here are some various other common herbal tragedies in soimg.org, such as tsunami in soimg.org and flood in soimg.org.

TornadoEl tornado
TsunamiEl tsunami
MonsoonEl monzón
StormLa tormenta
HurricaneEl huracán
HailstormEl granizo
FireEl incendio
FloodLa inundación
Dust stormLa tormenta de arena

Earthquakes in Latin America and Spain

Tbelow have actually been many kind of disastrous earthquakes in humale history. Let’s talk about some of the the majority of famed earthquakes in soimg.org-speaking countries.

Terremoto de Guatemala, 1976

This earthquake taken place in my home country when my parents were kids. It’s the factor why we had to do simulacros de terremoto (earthquake drills) where we had actually to duck under our desks as soon as the alarm sounded in the time of course.

This earthquake had a magnitude of 7.5 on the Richter scale and also it devadeclared a third of the funding city in a matter of secs. This earthquake had numerous aftershocks, the strongest of which got to a magnitude of 5.8.


Terremoto de Almería, 1522

This was the many devastating earthquake in soimg.org area. It completely damaged the city of Almería via an estimated magnitude of 7.0. This earthquake was so strong that the human being in the north of Africa were able to feel it.

More recent earthquakes have been as solid as the earthquake of Almería but none were as destructive. This bodes well for us considering that modern civil engineers have made structures a lot even more sturdy and resilient. After this earthquake left Almería in an inhabitable state, it was reconstructed right into what it is today.

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Terremoto San Fermín, 1918

The inwell known 1918 earthquake in Puerto Rico resulted in significant damages. If that isn’t scary sufficient, a tsunami came to the shores of the west shore of the country through waves that reached over 5.5 meters (18 feet) in height! The full damage estimate was around $4 million.


Discover More Safety soimg.org Skills

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