Follow this advantageous Destiny overview to learn all tbelow is to know about skeleton keys and also the best method to acquire them in the new Bungie growth, Rise of Iron.

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Less than a week earlier Bungie presented players to Destiny: Rise of Iron, the initially significant growth for the shooter in a year. The DLC add-on lugged through it a ton of brand-new content, a new rassist, and also more brand-new mechanics and also concepts than players could ever before imagine. One of those new ideas is the skeleton crucial, a brand-new consumable that will certainly aid players gain brand-new loot and also boost their light level. However before, finding and also using skeleton keys is not so simple.

What Are Skeleton Keys

In Year 2, Bungie presented the idea of strike certain loot - distinct armor and tools that would certainly have a random possibility of dropping after beating the strike’s primary boss. However before, via the launch of Rise of Iron, Destiny has actually done ameans with the random drops and reput them with a guaranteed drop in the develop of a chest that appears after eexceptionally major boss kill.

This chest can just be opened up using a skeleton vital, among the brand-new consumables presented in Destiny: Rise of Iron. But acquiring a skeleton vital is no easy feat, and some argue that acquiring strike certain loot has actually been made even even more difficult to acquire than it remained in Year 2.

How To Get Skeleton Keys

Getting the first skeleton vital in Destiny: Rise of Iron is fairly simple. Players finish the major story goals and searches, and inevitably they will be rewarded through one. However before, picking up a 2nd skeleton vital (per character) is much easier sassist than done.

Those looking to gain even more skeleton keys need to look no even more than the strikes themselves. Each strike boss has a opportunity to drop a skeleton key upon death, and the consumable will show up in the develop of a small white engram (think SIVA Offering). The only difficulty is that the skeleton key drop rate is even harsher than the strike specific loot drop rate in Year 2. Players have the right to complete upwards of 20 strike boss kills without ever before seeing a skeleton key, and that is a problem.

Skeleton secrets are worth farming, though, bereason the loot inside the chest have the right to scale with the player’s level past the 365 soft cap for fundamental strike loot. Strike chests are one the best means to rise your light level past 365 and also they let the player choose what exact item of armor or weapon they want to acquire.

Beyond that, tright here is no various other recognized way to obtain skeleton keys, which means that players that want them should grind strikes. Thankfully grinding strikes also boosts Vanguard and factivity reputation, and drops engrams.

The Skeleton Key System Needs Work

With skeleton keys, Bungie has presented a mechanism that takes a lot of the guessoccupational out of obtaining strike specific loot. For instance, if a player wants an Imago Loop, a hand cannon in the very same archetype as the Fatebringer, they deserve to open up the chest in any type of Vex strike. Or if they just desire a helmet, they have the right to complete the brand-new Malok strike, the Darkblade strike, the Fallen SABER strike, or the Echo Chamber strike.

But while RNG element of acquiring a drop is gone, it has actually been replaced through an RNG facet on skeleton vital drops, which is even worse. It will be amazing to see if Bungie has actually anypoint to say around skeleton tricks and their drop rates throughout this week’s update.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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