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Arya had actually a new, confident look in episode seven. Maspeak to B. Polay/Video Game of Thrones Mylod wanted to make it clear that Arya is human — she renders mistakes just like everyone else. And her young age is a factor, as well.

"We had to erected a situation whereitwas plausible that a warrior like Arya messes up," Mylod defined. "She enabled herself a minute — and also this is wbelow you need to remember that despite what an extraplain warrior she is, and all the hell and earlier that she"s been via that she"s still such a young woguy, and is vulnerable and flawed like every wonderful character in the present and also eextremely huguy being on earth."


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Helen Sloan/HBO "When she stops to look over the city and also has actually a that minute of reflection...and also she looks towards the good statue in the harbor, she just drops her guard for a minute in an extremely humale way and it nearly prices her her life," Mylod sassist. "And I"m sure that Arya will certainly be furious at herself for that."

This was definitely a costly mistake. Arya is stabbed in the gut — a form of wound other "Video Game of Thrones" characters haven"t survived in the past. Arya"s foolishness was simply badepend outweighed by her ability to think on her feet (literally) and gain to security.

"One of the many type of things our writers are so good at is permitting our personalities to be flawed," he defined. "Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes all the time, and also Arya virtually pays dearly on for it. Thanktotally her determicountry to make it through is such that she is able to come via it. But it is a really cshed call."

Mylod was conscious of all the crazy fan theories about what Arya (or should we say Jaqen?) was approximately in this scene, and also found them rather entertaining. "To be affiliated in something that reasons that much of a conversation is really a real privilege," Mylod shelp. "It really is fairly extraplain to be affiliated in somepoint that reasons so much fervor. It’s simply wonderful."

So theorize ameans, "Video Game of Thrones" fans. Just don"t hang as well many hopes on those complicated predictions.