My life flows on in endmuch less song

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My Life Flows On (How Can I Keep from Singing?)

Then Sings My Soul (Hymns of Faith and P…

How Can I Keep from Singing

1 My life flows on in endmuch less song,over earth’s lamentation.I capture the sweet, though distant hymnthat hails a brand-new production.

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Refrain:No storm have the right to shake my inmany calmwhile to that Rock I’m clinging.Because Love is lord of heav’n and earth,how can I save from singing?

2 Thstormy all the tumult and the strife,I hear that music ringing.It finds an echo in my spirit.How have the right to I keep from singing?

3 What though my joys and comforts die,I understand my Savior liveth.What though the darkness gather round?Songs in the night he giveth.

4 The peace of Christ renders fresh my heart,a fountain ever springing!All things are mine since I am his!How deserve to I store from singing? Source: Voices Together #605

Author: Anonymous

In some hymnals, the editors detailed that a hymn"s author is unknown to them, and also so this synthetic "person" entry is supplied to reflect that reality. Obviously, the hymns attributed to "Author Unknown" "Unknown" or "Anonymous" can have actually been created by many civilization over a expectations of many kind of centuries.Go to perchild page >
This hymn is all around perspective. It opens via an assertion that the troubles of this human being are nothing as soon as compared to the brand-new development that is to come. By keeping our emphasis on our Lord – that He is our Rock and also that He resides – we can follow the admonition of the apostle James: “Count it all joy, my brothers, as soon as you satisfy trials of miscellaneous kinds” (James 1:2 ESV).
Text:The text of this hymn initially showed up in The New York Observer (1868), titles "Always Rejoicing," and attributed to "Pauline T." It appeared without attribution in The Christian Pioneer, Vol 23, page 53. William Bradbury included it in Bappropriate Jewels for the Sunday School, publimelted in 1869. Bradbury passed away a year before the collection was published. Robert Lowry was the designated editor. In that book, the initials “R.L.” show up above the music wright here the composer is attributed, yet the space for the author of the text is empty. However before, “Shall We Gather at the River” (number 110 in Bright Jewels), which was unquestionably written entirely by Lowry, is attributed in the same method. The message was originally created in 3 long stanzas. Modern hymnals separation the stanzas in half; the second fifty percent of the original second stanza is used as a refrain, and the first half of the original 3rd stanza is omitted. It generally shows up with four stanzas and a refrain. The theme of the message is Christian tranquility and also joy, even in times of trial.


Robert Lowry created the tune HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING (likewise dubbed ENDLESS SONG from the opening line of the first stanza) to acfirm these words, and also it showed up through the message in Bideal Jewels in 1869. It was initially written in triple meter (3/2), however some modern-day hymnals have changed the tune to a slightly irconstant duple meter (4/4) through a little syncopation. The tune is pentatonic via a continuous rhythmic pattern (in its original form), and functions well when sung unaccompanied.

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This hymn have the right to be used anytime as a reminder of the joy of belief, specifically in times of trial. Most arrangements of this tune are rather quiet and also have a serene mood, such as “Reflections on "Countless Song"” a thoughttotally paced handbell arrangement, or the piano solo variation in the arsenal ”Then Sings My Soul.” A simple setup suitable for smaller choirs, making use of the transformed version of the tune, is “How Can I Keep from Singing” for SAB choir and also keyboard accompaniment. “Limitless Song” is an additional choral setup by Douglas Wagner using Lowry"s original meter. One setting that emphasizes less of the quiet peace and even more of the joy of singing is “How Can I Keep from Singing” by Robert A. Hobby through an upbeat brass and also body organ accompaniment.Tiffany type of Shomskies,soimg.org

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