Each letter of the horse breed alphabet we visit gets them one action closer to being finiburned. (I’ll have to save creating the pperiods if I want to keep composing these posts).

If you haven’t viewed some of the earlier letters of the alphabet be certain to check them out also A | B | C | D | E. Today we take a closer look at the breeds that start through the letter F, from the pure blooded Faroe Pony who live remote enough to be practically untouched by external blood to the elegant Furioso named for it’s flagship stud.

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The F’s are a fun category, they contain one of the widest arrays so far. From among the smallest to one of the best.

Big Daddy F’s

The prehistoric breeds are among the most exciting and also many kind of of the northern animals have preserved their bloodlines & characteristics. The handsome Fell Pony that carries Tarpan blood, & the hardy Fjord Pony that still retains many type of of the physical features of it’s prehistoric ancestors.


Personal Favorite F’s

Today some of my favorites are among the earliest in the letter, however who deserve to blame me? My favorites are the tiny Falabella the living dream of a solitary Irishman; the lively Finnhorse whose name sounds as perky as they look; the spry Florida Cracker considered the perfect cowpony till cows acquired as well big; & the majestic Friesian probably the handsomest man in town.

The Whole List

Here it is, the full list of breeds that start with F. If I’m missing something, let me know and also I’ll include it to my list (don’t desire to forgain anybody).

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Faroe Pony | Faeroes Pony | Faeroe Island HorseFaca GalizanaFalabellaFell PonyFinnequine | Finnish UniversalFinnish WarmbloodFjord horseFleuveFlores PonyFlorida Cracker Horse | Florida Horse | Florida Cow PonyFoundation Quarter HorseFouta Horse | FoutankéFrederiksborg HorseFreiberger horse | Franches Montagnes | FreibergerFrench Saddlebred / HalfbloodFrench Anglo ArabFrench ArdennaisFrench CobFrench Saddle PonyFrench Sport HorseFrench TrotterFriesianFriesian SporthorseFurioso Horse

What’s Your Favorite F?

How can you ever before pick one? I recognize I can’t, the more I learn about the much longer my list grows. I hope you’ll let me understand which E breed you prefer best in the comments listed below & be sure to take a look at the remainder of the alphabet so much A | B | C | D | E.