Hi Desert Center for Spiroutine Living is located in San Bernardino County of California state. On the street of Corwin Road and also street number is 18575. To communicate or ask something via the place, the Phone number is (760) 242-2302. You have the right to obtain even more indevelopment from their webwebsite. The collaborates that you have the right to usage in navigation applications to get to discover Hi Desert Center for Spiritual Living quickly are 34.5407268 ,-117.2589045

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(April 7, 2019, 9:02 pm)

I used to attfinish this facility for many type of years but left after I can no longer put up with the national politics. There were just a couple of world that made it bad, however they organized high positions within the church. Most of the civilization are wonderful! I haven"t attended services tright here in nearly a decade so I can not stop to exactly how it"s currently run. I was there yesterday for their healthy and balanced spirit festival which I LOVE! I extremely recommfinish it.

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It"s typically organized once or twice a year, & I constantly try to go. They additionally have actually nice artwork, a fabulous largely metaphysical bookstore & put on events open up to the public.