Three times warriors will enter The Devil"s Playground at WWE Hell in a Cell 2016, and also each journey will be vastly various.

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Romale Reigns vs. Rusev for the USA Championship is the leastern hyped complement of the trio. It likewise functions the least suspense. Few civilization, other than Mama Rusev, believe The Bulgarian Brute will certainly insurance claim victory at Sunday"s Raw-exclusive pay-per-watch.

It will be approximately the 2 bruisers to provide brutality and intensity to comprise for an uneven feud.

When Kevin Owens defends his Universal Championship versus Seth Rollins, the story guarantees to be convoluted. The champion"s finest friend and the man who handed him the title in the initially area promise to play a significant role in that tale.

And for Sasha Banks and also Charlotte, their Raw Women"s Championship enhance inside Hell in a Cell has actually through-the-roof expectations.

As the first womales to clash in the structure, they will certainly be representing a whole department and also sex.

Banks and also Charlotte are certain to take that as a difficulty. To make their note on the PPV and WWE history, The Boss and also The Queen are sure to take a daredevil method to their championship tilt.


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All signs suggest to Banks and Charlotte pushing the pedal all the means down to the floor on Sunday.


SashaBanksWWE defends the #RAW #WomensChampionship INSIDE #HellInACell against
MsCharlotteWWE! #HIAC

Ric Flair talked to Justin Barrasso in a recent Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard interwatch around daughter Charlotte"s intentions for the bout, saying: "She isn"t afrhelp of anything, and also she"s going to go out and also make a statement again—and tbelow is no talking her out of it. You didn"t see me perform any type of moonsaults off the height of a cage, yet she has something really unique in mind for the cage."

A moonsault off Hell in a Cell would be insane, but it"s not tough to imagine Charlotte pitching that principle, wanting to develop a minute of a lifetime. She and Banks have a history of putting themselves at risk for the sake of bolstering a complement.


Could an injury doom
SashaBanksWWE's title defense? #RiseToTheOccasion with
DiGiornoPizza this #SummerSlam!

Their collision might not go on last as many have actually intended, though.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Sean Rueter of Cageside Seats), WWE owner Vince McMahon is opposed to Banks vs. Charlotte headlining the event. Apparently, Triple H and WWE Creative are all in on the idea while McMahon has pumelted back versus it.

That"s likely why WWE has actually started to refer to the three Hell in a Cell bouts as consisting of a "triple main event."

Match Card

Cedric Alexander, Lince Doraperform and Sin Cara vs. Tony Nese, Drew Gulak and Ariya DaivariEnzo Aeven more and Big Cass vs. Luke Genables and also Karl AndersonBayley vs. Dana BrookeThe New Day vs. Cesaro and also Sheamus (Tag Team Championships)T.J. Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick (Cruiserweight Championship)Roguy Reigns vs. Rusev (Hell in a Cell—USA Championship)Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell—Universal Championship)Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte (Hell in a Cell—Women"s Championship) 


Alexander, Doraperform and also Sin Cara over Nese, Gulak and Daivari.Aeven more and Cass over Genables and Anderson.Bayley over Brooke.Cesaro and Sheamus over The New Day. Perkins over Kendrick.Reigns over Rusev.Owens over Rollins.Banks over Charlotte.

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The Unlikeliest of Champions

The Usos, The Organization of Nations and also The Club have been unable to dethrone The New Day. The champs have actually organized on to the belts for over 430 days, per

But all reigns must end. 

The reluctant pairing of Cesaro and also Sheamus will certainly surpclimb the champions and the audience through a title win on Sunday. The a lot of intriguing story right here is that two males who hate each other someexactly how topple a really cohesive unit.


Even making their entrance right into the #RAW arena is conflict-leading to for
WWECesaro &

It"s a tactic WWE has actually gone to in the past, from Dude Love and also Steve Austin to Team Hell No. 

As for The New Day, it"s time to shake points up with the trio someexactly how. A loss puts them in the title hunt again, changing their dynamic of their narrative. Dropping the belts could also reason Big E and also his brothers-in-arms to turn the volume knob up on their intensity.

Reigns Rolls on

It"s also early on to take the U.S. title away from Reigns. He just outlasted Rusev to take residence that prize in September.

Bleacher Report"s Matt Camp detailed he believes the feud will certainly end below via a Reigns victory:

Bleacher Report WWE

Interference during the primary occasion of Hell in a Cell?
TheMattCamp thinks that it's feasible. His full card breakdown:

That outcome is among the safest bets of the night. WWE doesn"t dole out loses to Reigns regularly, and this would certainly be an odd time to perform so.

The bigger question is whether we will check out some shifting in either man"s character. Fans have long speculated that Reigns will certainly turn heel. Rusev is looking more and also more like a babychallenge in the making. 

A double revolve below would be a smart move.

Chaos in the Cell

WWE Creative will certainly have actually its fingerprints everywhere this one. Expect an overbooked, crowded challenge via plenty of moving parts.

Owens" best friend, Chris Jericho, is certain to help him. But their recent anxiety might bubble over too. And former Rollins mentor Triple H looms in this storyline.

Dave Scherer of wrote, "I wouldn"t be shocked to watch HHH show up and also get affiliated at the finish."

After The Video Game betrayed Rollins and gifted Owens the global title in August, he has actually been nowright here to be viewed. Triple H hasn"t yet described his actions that night, and that component of the tale hasn"t been explored practically sufficient.

That will finish at some point quickly as Rollins moves on from Owens to take on Triple H. Owens, meanwhile, is liable to collide with Jericho.

The Boss and also The Queen Enter Hell

Banks and Charlotte will provide an instant timeless whether WWE decides to put them in the main event or not. Their rivalry is Raw"s most compelling, and also the 2 womales have actually stellar chemistry together.

Add the historic nature of this bout, and there is certain to be a one-of-a-kind feeling in the air.

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Banks will outlast her longtime rival. Tbelow have been also many title alters in the past few months to pull off another one here. The Boss will certainly host tight to her crvery own until WrestleMania.