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(Cause he's The Overweight Lover Heavy D!)Coolin in my crib and also I'm cold, maxinCall up a cutie, I'm in the mood for relaxinGet my phone book from, top o' the shelfI'll dial 66 - hm, I much better save it to myselfCall up a cutie through a triple star alongside itShe says, "Hello, " we con-versate a bitInvite her over for a candlelight dinnerBelieve me once I tell you that this girlie is a winnerShortly after that, I hear the doorbell ringTurn on the radio, Anita Baker starts to singOpen up the door and I kiss her on the cheekShe's so nice, polite, petite, so sweetSit her on the couch and also uh, rerelocate her coatSquat next to her, *ahem* clear my throatWhisper in her ear, told her what she desires to hearLet her understand that, "Have no fear - Heavy D.'s here"And...Gyrlz they, gyrlz they love me(Cause he's The Overweight Lover Heavy D!)Gyrlz they, gyrlz they love me(Cause he's The Overweight Lover Heavy D!)
Take my hand, walk via meI'm the imperial, Overweight Lover MC Heavy DNow that I've introduced myself correctlyDo you have a moment to spfinish some time through me?Would you like a drink, possibly a Piña, ColadaA strawberry Daiquiri, a wine from HavanaIt really doesn't matter, the alternative is yoursAnd when you're through with your drink, we'll take a walk out-doorsGazed at the stars, walked down the boardwalkSit by the beach and also talk lover's talkMake a quick speak to on my cellular phoneSome form of limousine to pick us up and take us homeAhh! - an enjoyable nightThe mood was smooth and also whatever was alrightIt might be hard for you, yet it's basic for meCause girls, the girls, the girls, THEY LOVE ME! "Funky! "Me, Glenn, and also Troy saw a disco (word)Pete Rock and also CL Smooth was on stage drinkin CiscoDamien had his girl Michelle (of course!)Craig Boogie had a girl that I never watched beforeEddie F. was home makin a beat Mick T. was at the crib on a hundred and also twenty-2 street (chillin)Tootie had actually a cutie that was dope (Damn!)Groovy Lou, Quan, and Little Dow was crackin jokes (YOU BIG!)Grapp had the dancefloor packed (GO, GO, GO)Joe Babsence remained in the edge lookin meanie as soon as he ? Tommy, George, Jeff and also Butta was on the spotBuyin champagne from the crew a hundred dollars a pop!Me, I was casin the jointClockin all the civilization as they stared and pointIt feels really good to be Heavy DSince the girls, the girls, they LOVE me!

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Gyrlz they, gyrlz they love me...(Cause he's The Overweight Lover Heavy D!)