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Visit us for the ultimate sensory experience in flotation therapy. Each action of the process will take you to greater levels of relaxation. Our sessions are in a pleasant and relaxing environment. The Flotation/”Floatation” tanks—or ssuggest Float Tank—is a sensory suffer with distinct and therapeutic features.

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Delivers intensified performance, raised energy, and heightened senses. A constant high-frequency gamma wave program designed to elevate psychological and also physical energy.


For deep relaxation and physical bliss. Low-delta and delta/theta range frequencies to put you right into a deeply peaceful state.


Mental alertness, greater emphasis, mental clarity. A continuous mid-beta frequency engineered to boost concentration and also memory while maintaining a consistently concentrated cognitive state.


Enhanced creativity; deep, influenced reasoning. A constant mid-theta frequency routine designed to open up the mind and also increase imagination.

Tranquility:Calmness, tranquility. A series of theta meditation frequencies designed to induce an awake, yet calm, meditative state.

Mastery:Mindfulness, self-exploration, self-mastery. Incorporated positive mood sequence with energizing high-frequency beta waves to inspire and motivate.

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This was my first time,I’ve been having actually many of earlier aches lately and I commonly sit in the tub through a cup or 2 of Epsom salt at home , yet sitting in tbelow for around an hour and also snoozing I left feeling a lot better and even more clear minded yet you got endure points for yourself but I’d say provide it a whirl and see what happens and also tell em your a very first time reduced her and also they can even take a little money off your initially time.

Was definately pleased via my float experience! was peaceful and re-energized and also it really aided minimize the pain in my sacrum. my skin & hair were so silkly soft after that. i am looking forward to my next float session!