My ex (21/m) cheated on me 2 weeks ago and also I (21/F) have been doing well without him. I realized as much as I cared for him and also as a lot as I assumed he was a great perboy I can't stick with someone choose that. Two days ago he messaged me using twitter DM continuing a conversation that we had actually when we were dating. This is the first I've heard from him since we damaged up.

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I responded... and I was short with him and didn't get right into the details of why I was being short. I wish I hadn't responded to him bereason currently I miss him. I'm perplexed about why he reached out yet also why I miss out on him. I don't want to miss him bereason of what he put me via.

Don't reply to him, don't get ago via him...just don't. Best revenge is not hearing from you and you moving on. He doesn't deserve you.

Is it normal to miss out on an ex you cheated on you?! Hmm, idk if I could miss someone that shitty.

I'd say it's even more normal to miss out on the previous when tbelow were excellent times, however lacking the cheating they did to you, nope. Not at all.

Brief answer: he reached out bereason he desires to check out if you're hung up on him. He'll more than likely attempt to acquire you to sleep with him, and also then he'll store cheating on you, or save you on the ago burner.

Long answer: Yeah it's absolutely normal to miss an ex who cheated on you. You trusted them and cared for them, you more than likely have a lot of really awesome and also fun memories. You males made each other laugh a lot and also obtained alengthy well. But somewhere along the line, he decided to cheat, for whatever factor. He broke your trust and now it feels choose he never actually cared for you at all. Been tbelow. And you're smart for breaking up through him.

It's up to you if you want to save talking to him, yet you could likewise just block him. You don't owe him anypoint.

Yes this does make sense. I would certainly let him back in my life if he were to show me that he was genuinely looking to develop trust aget. But that hasn't come up in conversation yet and also neither has actually our relationship. I don't recognize if I need to soptimal responding now and also go with my head or through my heart which was waiting so long to hear from him.

He messaged you because he necessary his attention resolve or is feeling guilty. You miss out on him because forgetting is much easier that dealing with the fact. It is simple to neglect things and desire them to simply go earlier they means they were.

Just store solid and stay no call.

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