The Punisher: 10 Times Frank Castle Killed Someone Who Didn't Deserve It Some non-canon comic publications, movies, and also the Netflix series present Frank Castle killing a perchild that does not deserve it.

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Frank "The Punisher" Castle is not the typical Marvel superhero. Mainly bereason he"s not super, nor is he a hero. He is in the height 10 anti-hero list though, and also fans love him for that! His crusades have taken some truly gruesome turns as he declares bloody battles on crime and comes out on height. With a kill count of around 48,500, it is apparent that The Punisher does not take detainees. In one single-problem comic called The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe composed by Garth Ennis and also illustrated by Doug Braithwaite and Michael L. Halblieb, the male is hell-bent (as the title suggests) on damaging the entire Marvel Universe.

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This one-male war machine does have a code when he conducts organization though, the primary dominance being to spare innocents at all cost. He makes certain not to make the mistake his family died bereason of. The mistake that made him The Punisher. Although he maneras to follow his rule to the letter in the time of his massacres; some non-canon comic books, movies, and even the Netflix series show Frank Castle killing a person that does not deserve it.


10 he kills his only frifinish to attain his mission, Daredevil can"t factor with Frank

Dareadversary Matt Murdock Punisher Frank Castle Marvel Comics Via Vincenzo Riccardi
The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe has many kind of undeserving deaths. The most noteworthy of which is Frank Castle"s attorney in the time of his incarcerations: Matt Murdock, AKA Dareevil one. Although many kind of Marvel personalities have been imprisoned, The Punisher more than likely holds the longest jail time.

That is why Castle and also Murdock have a really complex connection. After eliminating Daredevil, his final target, Frank unmasks him to find his only true friend"s body between his arms.


9 Frank castle squashes spider-male, Even if he"s a friendly neighbor

Venom Eddie Brock Spider-male Peter Parker Punisher Frank Castle Marvel Comics Via Comic Vine - GameSpot/Scans Daily
In an different universe, Frank Castle"s household satisfy their untimely death in the wake of a fight in Central Park between some of the many effective personalities in the Marvel Universe. The Punisher kills the Marvel Universe is a single-worry comic book by Garth Ennis, Doug Braithwaite, and also Michael L. Halblieb.

As the title says, The Punisher sets his mind on searching the whole Marvel Universe. While Spider-Man and Venom are at each other"s throats, he successfully lures them right into a booby-trapped sewer wright here he finishes them off with ease. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man did not deserve this punishment. Poor Spidey.

Issue #82 of The Spectacular Spider-Man by Bill Mantlo, Al Milgrom, Jim Mooney, Bob Sharen, and also Diana Albers mirrors The Punisher in his the majority of devastating light in the initially 5 pages. His initially target is a man assaulting his wife, a heinous crime that does not deserve such extreme force.

His next targets are a couple that missed the trash bin when they threw a newspaper they were making use of to sanctuary themselves from the rain. When the gunshots from Castle"s gun scare the passing taxi, the driver ignores the red light out of are afraid and ends up as The Punisher"s last taracquire.

7 it took a nuclear missile to clobber the thing, Alengthy through a lot of super-teams

X-males Punisher Frank castle marvel comics Moon Via Scans Daily
The entire Marvel Universe does not deserve The Punisher"s wrath in The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe. But some characters" deaths are truly a shame. Like the Fantastic Four"s The Thing for instance. His unstable exterior encases the kindest superhero ever before.

When Frank Castle gets a hold of a nuclear weapon from Doom, he tricks the majority of of Marvel"s elite superheroes and supervillains to go to the moon. Once there, he sends out them a farewell current that could be thought about a little as well extreme; even for Castle"s requirements.


6 the blacksmith deoffered to live with the results of his actions

Punisher Frank Castle Jon Bernthal Netflix Blacksmith Marvel Via Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki - Fandom
Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, makes his dehowever in the second season of Daredevil. He is the antithesis of Matt Murdock, who firmly believes that the judicial system works. Frank, on the various other hand also, does not run within a ethical code. At the finish of the season, The Punisher eliminates his previous unit"s commander Ray Schoonover (The Blacksmith) for murdering his family members in cold blood.

Karren berates Castle for Blacksmith"s murder, saying that he deserves much worse punishment than death. Being humiliated and also incarcerated would certainly have actually been a more fitting condemnation than execution.

5 a federal agent as a huguy shield? Frank need to have actually realized he can not regulate the chaos he creates

Punisher Warzone Movie Frank Castle Marvel comics Via Pinterest
The Punisher: Warzone is a movie that takes place 5 years after The Punisher starts his crusade. His quest to punish evil leads him to Billy "The Beaut" Russotti"s recycling plant hideout. Throughout the firefight, Frank Castle supplies Nicky Donatelli"s body as a humale shield.

He later discovers that Donatelli was in truth an undercover FBI agent. The outcome of his actions not just got an innocent man eliminated, yet it also caused the production of "Jigsaw".

4 once the governments of the world take ameans all criminals through nuclear warfare, The punisher decides to eradicate mankind itself

Punisher the end Frank Castle nuclear fallout Marvel Comics Via Reddit
Garth Ennis strikes aobtain via Richard Corben as an illustrator, in one more Dark Punisher twist. They control to develop a post-apocalyptic nuclear fallout human being. In an additional single-worry comic-book, The Punisher: The End, Frank Castle sets out on a final hunt. Only this time, humanity itself is the tarobtain.

He tracks down the last team of survivors on foot wbelow he gets lethally exposed to radiation. Nothing else to shed, he renders certain to get rid of the human race to prevent any kind of future man-made catastrophes

3 a hundred-year-old mafia boss is not safe from the punisher

In the extremely first concern "In The Beginning" of The Punisher: Frank Castle Max by Garth Ennis, Lewis Larosa, and Tom Palmer, Frank crashes the one-hundredth birthday party of a mafia boss and also takes him out via a one-hit headswarm.

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He massacres the whole crew via a device gun soon after. He could"ve left the bad elderly man alone. He was practically dead, "Don in title just." Perhaps he does it out of individual hatred in the direction of the mafia for the death of his family members.


2 Clint shouldn"t have brought up boy pornography

Punisher Frank Castle Jon Bernthal Netflix Marvel Via Twitter
Netflix"s Daredevil not just provided fans awesome quotes, however it also introduces the protagonist"s oppowebsite. A vigilante willing to take lives: The Punisher. The latter"s insatiable bloodlust was maintained intact. It is displayed in the second episode as soon as he meets Clint, a pawnshop owner that tries to sell kid pornography to Frank Castle.

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The Punisher ends up beating him to death through his own merchandise, a baseround bat. The crime does not deserve the punishment in this situation. Even if it is disgusting.

1 Captain Castle would fairly remove an injured adversary than leave her in the Vietnamese jungle

In what shows up to be one of The Punisher"s darkest backstories, the second concern of Born by Garth Ennis and also Darick Robertchild portrays Frank Castle as a Vietnam Captain. After a sniper ambush that takes out numerous troops, Captain Castle single-handedly eliminates all 6 snipers with a light machine gun. A female Viet Cong sniper survives Castle"s bullet barrage however gets injured.

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Captain Castle calmly ideologies the scene and also, without hesitation, shoots the Vietnamese womale, instantly killing her. Why wouldn"t he leave her in the jungle? She is almost dead.