Grey's Anatomy: Why Meredith Could Win a Harper Aexceptionally (But Not Cristina) Meredith won the prestigious Harper Aextremely Award, also though Christina was disqualified previously. Here"s why the titular surgeon deoffered the win.

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meredith grey anatomy harper aexceptionally not cristina
Meredith won a Harper Avery Award in Grey"s Anatomy, despite Cristina being disqualified years prior to. Throughout the initially ten seasons of the clinical drama, Cristina confirmed herself to be the arguably better surgeon of the two — she was cutthroat and laser-concentrated on honing her skill. Being a surgeon, in other words, was constantly Cristina"s height priority in Grey"s Anatomy, whereas Meredith"s career often took a backseat to her personal relationships — which is actually why Meredith inevitably deserved the award over her frifinish and also colleague.

For the doctors in the Grey"s Anatomy world, the Harper Aexceptionally is the most prestigious award one can win. Created by the eponymous Dr. Harper Avery, the award elevated surgeons who were already at the height of their field professionally. It made perfect sense, then, that Cristina was nominated for the award during Sandra Oh"s leave season: it was a finishing moment for the fan-favourite character and also actress after ten periods. She, however, shed despite garnering the majority vote bereason Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital was owned by the Harper Aexceptionally Foundation. A win for Cristina was viewed as a problem of interemainder.

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That being sassist, in season 14, Meredith won the Harper Aincredibly. Amiddle audience confusion, it was shown by showrunner Krista Vernoff on Twitter that the Harper Aincredibly Rule "passed away via ." Above the politics, both onscreen and off, Meredith, of course, deserved the Harper Avery — even more than Cristina also — specifically because she excelled in her career alongside fairly than instead of building her relationships and household. Her win was a testament to her expansion both as a person and also a surgeon, and also, even more importantly, it was a celebration of Grey"s Anatomy"s overall development and longevity.

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Throughout seaboy 10, Meredith felt conflicted in between her surgical career and her familial duties. Cristina evidenced Meredith"s fears as soon as she oboffered that Meredith"s skills had actually fallen behind her very own considering that getting married and also having youngsters. Therefore, Meredith involved in a study task — similarly to Cristina — that involved 3D-printing surgical devices. Though Cristina ultimately stole Meredith"s sources for her job (which would certainly become that which earned her a Harper Avery nomination), Meredith"s task proved more successful. Additionally, it became the structure of a much more progressed research job that she handed over to an extra qualified engineer. While Meredith"s name was taken off the task, her main goal was to advance her skills and to assist medical invention, all the while proving that Meredith"s individual life in Grey"s Anatomy wasn"t a hinderance to her career.

In reality, Meredith would certainly ultimately end up being appointed Head of General Surgery in seaboy 12, a time in the time of which she not just ended up being a widow after Derek"s fatal automobile crash, but provided birth to her third kid too. In light of her personal tragedies, she persevered, efficiently ending up being the show"s shining instance of single, working mothers who balance expert goals with personal duties. And who, more importantly, make sacrifices: that she elected to continue to be at the hospital and work-related throughout the night of her Harper Aexceptionally Award ceremony just punctuated her dedication to surgery and her selflessness in her care for others.

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It"s important to note that the episode during which Meredith won the Harper Aexceptionally was additionally the show"s 300th episode, a milestone mutual by only around a dozen various other tv reflects in history. The episode naturally harkened ago to Grey"s Anatomy"s beginning, celebrating the human being that Meredith — and, therefore, the audience — loved and shed. The major patients, in fact, were doppelgängers of George, Izzie, and also Cristina (the original core cast), and when Meredith looked up at the civilization clapping for her, she witnessed her deceased mom Ellis, standing with them. In the end, Meredith"s win was a win for the fans. Like Meredith, and Grey"s Anatomy at big, the fans have grvery own, loved, lost, and, over all, remained. While Cristina winning a Harper Aextremely would have eventually served her character"s journey, Meredith"s award is conclusively a love letter to the fans.