Halt and Record Fire Seakid 2 Episode 10 Review: Heaven is a Place

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The a lot of tense minute of the hour affiliated Gordon’s revelation that he cheated on Donna, a minute I thought maybe was going to obtain swept under the rug. The prospect of divorce seemed impending as the fact came spilling out.

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Yes, Donna was wrapped up in her occupational, however Gordon blaming her lack for his cheating was a little ridiculous. I understand also that wanting some sort of connection via someone after finding out around the brain damage was tright here, but you can’t put all the blame on Donna.

And while Donna discussed not wanting to walk amethod from Gordon because he was sick, also though she can, I wonder if her ultimate end result for trying to resolve their marriage would certainly be different if he wasn’t sick. Would she have actually right up left him if he was healthy?

It was definitely an interesting proposition to acquire Gordon to fundamentally use all his money to pay to acquire Mutiny its very own network-related in addition to relocating to California and joining Mutiny himself. I was glad that neither of them assumed it would be a guaranteed solve, but possibly the change will wind up bringing them closer together.

If anypoint, I’ll be glad to see Gordon connecting via the other major personalities again and gaining connected with the major story. As a lot as the seachild has actually done a decent job of mirroring Gordon’s struggles, it hasn’t been practically as exciting as every little thing else going on.

I’ll be glad to view him acquire earlier in the game.

Plus, I was pleased that John returned to Mutiny at the last second. I knew he couldn’t continue to be amethod, and I think he’s a really useful asset to the company as much as he is a frifinish to Cameron.

But bad Cameron, as much as she had the ability to acquire Mutiny earlier on track, she wound up shedding Tom.

Perhaps she can have actually done a little more convincing or expressed her feelings for Tom as soon as offering him the airplane ticket quite than just saying she necessary a worker on the team. Tom loved doing the computer system occupational, yet he loved Cameron more.

That said, he may have just missed the flight, or he could wind up coming down for Halt and also Capture Fire Seaboy 3. Who knows, but I really liked the addition of Tom as a lead character for the second seakid.

But Joe, the man that tried to be humale, who tried to be open, wound up through his heart damaged – it still appears odd that Sara abandoned ship so quickly and also easily; I was disappointed by that – and also a scarred resume.

I really wasn’t sure what was next for him, until Gordon (that seemed to be on Team Joe – and also shocker that Donna revealed she was in on giving Joe the virus to destroy West Group) offered Joe the antidote to the virus.

Just seeing Joe in that office laying dvery own the facts, regulating the situation, discussing the future involving anti-virus software harkened back to that old Joe.

I was even kind of hoping that probably Gordon would sign up with Joe to work-related together on the brand-new task. Still, Joe did pretty well for himself on his own, somepoint Gordon observed in the magazine.

But what an excellent final swarm of Joe, earlier in snazzy suit, looking also more charged up than Halt and Capture Fire Seachild 1 Joe, staring out throughout the city, without his ring, and also seemingly prepared to take command of his next chapter.

The Halt and also Record Fire Seaboy 2 Joe is done, and I’m excited to see what this new hardened and passionate version has actually in store.

If anything, this seaboy finale wasn’t a slam, bang finishing, yet it shifted the significant pieces into their new positions, acquiring viewers prepped for the next, and bigger, phase to view them on.

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And as soon as Halt and Record Fire Seaboy 3 plugs back in (and also let’s hope it does gain that chance!), I’m sure the team and the cast will certainly lug a shiny, brand-new and interesting seaboy.

What did you think of the sophomore season? Are you looking forward to California? Sound off below, and also if you haven"t caught up, be certain to watch Halt and Catch Fire online at TV Fanatic!