Field Work throughout the 2017 Half Century of Progress

In much less than a month, the Half Century of Progress will certainly be here! You will certainly be glad to recognize that in spite of the wet spring, the crops did obtain planted thanks to the Harms family!

The Half Century of Progress has actually been described as “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

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While the circus has actually that motto all sewed up, as soon as you are talking tractor mirrors at least here in the US, it is definitely true. The Half Century of Progress is the Mega Vintage farm show in reality, it is advertised as the “Worlds Largest Vintage Working Farm Sjust how.”


This year’s show will be organized August 22-25, 2019 at the Rantoul Air Port on the former Chanute Air Force Base. The theme of this year’s display is Harvest Brigade. Dust off all your old harvest tools and gain prepared to head to the field 1969 or earlier style! You are motivated to bring any kind of form of harvest devices. Any brand in any type of form is welcome!


The Half Century of Progress is a vintage farm show held prior to the Farm Progress Show. The initially Half Century of Progress Sexactly how was hosted on the weekend prior to the 50th anniversary Farm Progress Sexactly how near Henning, Ill., in 2003. The show celebrates devices 50 years or later and that leaves many room for choices.

I love to see the old iron relocating up and dvery own the runways in the parade and in the field. As Max Armsolid sassist once I asked for a quote for my Farm World story, “I’m looking forward to seeing even more unexplained devices than ever before. There is always somepoint that makes your jaw drop. You’ll rotate to the guy alongside you and say, ‘I’ve never seen among those before!’

Tright here is always somepoint brand-new and also different at the Half Century show. Eextremely time I go I watch somepoint I never before saw before at the present. You would think tright here would come a time that that wasn’t true, however so far it is not the case!

Highlights of the Show

Tbelow are so many type of points to check out and also execute at the Half Century of Progress. Each morning at eight, tright here will be the Flag Raising featuring America’s Largest Flying Flag. What a sight to behold!

On Thursday, Max Armstrong will certainly lead his tractor drive. You can no register for this cool event. Go to the schedule area of the webwebsite you deserve to downfill the registration develop. Your tractor requirements to have the ability to go at leastern 10 miles per hour and the cost is $50 to participate.

Farm wife and also presenter Jolene Brown has been added to the schedule. Ms. Brown will be offering 2 fun filled, yet indevelopmental presentations “Divine Crap! I Married a Farmer!” and “Speak the Fighting on the Way to the Funeral Home”. These presentations from this award winning speaker will be on both Thursday and Friday.

On Saturday, Max Armstrong and Orion Samuelson will be back on stage. Each day visitors can reap the daily parade and also watch the field demonstrations of Broom Corn, Corn Shelling, Bean Combining and Field Tillage. If you lug devices, you have the right to be part of the action!

Plan Ahead

While most appointments in Rantoul are already taken, you can attempt Champaign. The camp grounds are full, yet dry camping is obtainable. Check the website for details.

Also, golf carts are going quick as well, call 866-275-2742 to reserve a golf cart. Yes, you can bring your very own tractor, golf cart, tractor and so on simply know there is a $30.00 fee (good for all days of the show) in enhancement to the admission fee. At the volunteer The cost to attfinish the show is $15.00 for adults per day, or $30.00 for a four-day pass. If children or grandchildren are coming along, tright here is a minimum age of 16 enabled to drive both golf carts and tools on the grounds.

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Note: If you have actually a drone and also setup on utilizing it to take photos know that you need to have permission prior to operating it on the airport grounds.


For more information, check out http://www.halfcenturyofprogress.com/. During the show, tune right into 89.9FM for information this is the official station of the Half Century Progress show!