Andy Wolfe, creator of the Gotta Kill It To Heal It brand also, stands alongside a display screen of his product line, which includes short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts, hats, mugs and also drink koozies. (Anna Harvey photo)

CAPE CARTERET — A former exclusive investigator turned commercial charter captain has attracted from his time on the water to develop products to assist in the fight versus cancer.

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Town resident Andy Wolfe has a goal to raise $4.2 million for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund with his tradenoted assets of Gotta Kill It To Heal It, which include short-sleeve and also long-sleeve shirts, baseball caps, mugs and also drink koozies.

Mr. Wolfe has devoted his time to arising the brand also in enhancement to his charter boat company. Although tright here is no specific Gotta Kill It To Heal It storefront, the product line is conveniently spanalysis to stores in a number of Southern claims and also is obtainable online.

For eincredibly item from the brand that is marketed, 20 percent of each sale is donated to the Raleigh-based Kay Yow Cancer Fund, which allocates money to women’s cancer research study. Mr. Wolfe told the fund’s leaders this past spring that he desires to offer his shirts to assist raise money and awareness for all women’s cancer, not just breastern cancer, which is many typically associated with the pink ribbon. 

The Gotta Kill It To Heal It commodities have coastal-themed prints via the pink ribbon as a part of each architecture.

The custom-dyed shirts are accessible in an array of bideal colors and also feature artoccupational that depicts sea turtles, ghold crabs, blue marlins and a watercraft near a pink-hued lighthouse shining the pink ribbon right into the skies, among various other designs.

“If I deserve to offer a million shirts, then I can look earlier and say I elevated $4.2 million for fighting cancer,” Mr. Wolfe said as he looked at his bbest display screen. 

In enhancement to 20 percent donated from each sale, the wholesaler that distributes the shirts donates 10 percent to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund whenever a keep places an order. 

Although the product line has prrange well-known so far, Mr. Wolfe listed some human being are hesitant because of the solid brand also wording of Gotta Kill It To Heal It. 

“Anybody who has ever dealt with any kind of kind of cancer, there’s really no great method to say it,” he sassist. “And I know the word ‘kill’ is really solid, but if you sit down in a doctor’s office … they tell you they have to kill the cancer cells. There’s really no other method to say it. I took a negative word and also put a really soft, beautiful piece of artjob-related to it.” 

He shelp the designs are made to aid lug a feeling of calm to those fighting cancer.

Mr. Wolfe’s fundelevating goal is off to a strong start via T-shirt, hat, mug and koozie sales that all attribute the slogan and also a have pink ribbon incorporated right into each style.

T-shirts are sold for $21 for sizes tiny with extra-large, while an XXL shirt costs $23. Long-sleeve shirts are sold for $29, and also the XXL long-sleeve shirts are $31.

Baseround hats are $18 apiece, mugs are $10, drink koozies are $6 and window decals are $5.

Because sales initially began in April at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, the T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts have prcooktop to be the the majority of well-known item. 

At MumFest in New Bern last weekend, Mr. Wolfe and his team sold even more than 72 long-sleeve shirts in an hour, in addition to a number of other items. 

Although Mr. Wolfe created the brand also and tradenoted it, he sassist none of it would be possible without the help of his two business partners. Pam Young, who lives in Summerfield in Guilford County, helps through the social media outreach, website and also online orders, while Johnny Ammons, of Raleigh, helps via the business facet. 

The incentive from the assets are attracted from his time on the water. A fish skeleton named Osauto moving a pink ribbon is the company’s logo.

October is recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, however Mr. Wolfe shelp the need to raise cancer awareness and also study funds takes area all year.

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The motivation behind the product line came from previous clients of Mr. Wolfe, as soon as he functioned as a personal investigator that dealt with countless workers compensation situations for women fighting cancer. 

He shelp as soon as he initially had a customer fighting breast cancer in 2000, he admittedly wasn’t also acquainted through the illness. As time went on, he gained even more clients fighting cancer and also said he couldn’t think exactly how widespread the condition was. 

“I simply noticed that all these women that I was doing occupational for … all over the state … it just appeared that someone was gaining breast cancer,” he sassist. 

One of the many rewarding facets of marketing the product line at various shows along the East Coast is meeting the world that are interested bereason they are currently fighting cancer or lost a family member to the disease. 

Mr. Wolfe shelp at one present, he had actually a women purchase a T-shirt and also sassist she wanted an additional one, but couldn’t afford it. She told Mr. Wolfe she had actually been diagnosed via cancer the day before and proved him exactly how the illness was affecting her body. 

“It put my heart in my throat, and also I took a big swenable, and also I gave her a huge hug and also told her I’m fighting for her,” he sassist, noting that he offered her a second T-shirt that she wanted, however couldn’t afford. 

At this time, tbelow are a number of stores in Carteret and bordering counties that stock the Gotta Kill It To Heal It assets, consisting of Coastal Mart, Flipperz, Reel Outdoors, Dudley’s Marina and Eastern Outfitters. 

The line is sold in numerous stores across North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and New Jersey and on its website,

Mr. Wolfe sassist he proceeds to be amazed that he is able to walk right into stores and also check out his product line stocked next to huge nationwide brands, such as Columbia and also SaltLife. 

Mr. Wolfe says the goal is to have actually the assets offered in stores nationwide in the next year or so. 

“I’ve been blessed, I’ve been lucky, I’ve been fortunate, every one of the over,” he sassist. “ I love going right into the stores and also seeing my stuff … and seeing my stuff go out the door. It makes me feel great to know they’re buying my stuff and also helping the cause, too.”