We introduced AdWords nearly 18 years back via a simple goal—to make it much easier for civilization to connect digital with businesses. A search for eco-friendly stationery, quilting offers, or for a company like a treeresidence builder gave us an chance to deliver valuable ads that were useful and also appropriate in the minute. That concept was the begin of our initially proclaiming product, and led to the ads business we have today.

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A lot has actually adjusted given that then. Mobile is currently a substantial component of our daily resides. People conveniently switch from trying to find assets, to watching videos, looking content, playing games and also more. As a result, marketers have actually more avenues to reach consumers across networks, displays and also layouts. The possibility has actually never been more amazing, but it’s likewise never before been even more complex. Over the years, Google ads have actually progressed from helping marketers connect via civilization on Google Search, to helping them connect at eexceptionally step of the customer journey through text, video, screen and also even more.

That’s why today we are presenting simpler brands and options for our heralding products: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platdevelop, and also Google Ad Manager. These new brands will certainly assist advertisers and also publishers of all sizes choose the ideal options for their businesses, making it even less complicated for them to provide practical, reputable ads and the appropriate experiences for consumers throughout gadgets and also channels. As component of this adjust, we are releasing new solutions that assist advertisers obtain began through Google Ads and drive greater cooperation across groups.

Google AdWords is ending up being Google Ads 

The brand-new Google Ads brand also represents the full variety of declaring capabilities we offer today—on Google.com and also throughout our various other properties, companion sites and apps—to help marketers attach via the billions of world finding answers on Search, watching videos on YouTube, experimenting brand-new areas on Google Maps, finding out apps on Google Play, looking content throughout the web, and also even more.


For small businesses particularly, we’re presenting a brand-new project type in Google Ads that makes it simpler than ever to gain started via digital declaring. It brings the machine finding out technology of Google Ads to small businesses and helps them acquire outcomes without any heavy lifting—so they can continue to be focused on running their businesses. To learn even more, visit this post.

We"ll introduce even more new project types at Google Marketing Live. Sign up to watch the livestream on July 10.

Stronger participation with Google Marketing Platform

We’re enabling more powerful collaboration for enterprise marketing groups by unifying our DoubleClick advertiser commodities and also the Google Analytics 360 Suite under a single brand: Google Marketing Platcreate. 


We’ve heard from marketers that tbelow are genuine benefits to utilizing ads and also analytics technology together, consisting of a far better expertise of customers and also much better business outcomes. Google Marketing Platform helps marketers attain their goals by building on existing integrations between the Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick Digital Marketing. The platcreate helps marketers plan, buy, measure and also optimize digital media and customer experiences in one location. To learn more, visit the Google Marketing Platcreate soimg.org.

As part of Google Marketing Platform, we’re announcing Display & Video 360. Display & Video 360 brings together functions from DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio and also Audience Center to permit artistic, agency, and media teams to collaboprice and execute ad projects end-to-end in a solitary area. We’ll share even more details about Display & Video 360 in the coming weeks, consisting of a demo during the keynote at Google Marketing Live.

Google Ad Manager: A linked platform

We acknowledge that the method publishers monetize their content has actually adjusted. With world accessing content on multiple displays, and via advertisers’ thriving demand for programmatic accessibility, publishers have to be able to control their businesses more sindicate and also successfully. That’s why for the last three years, we’ve been working to lug together DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange in a complete and also combined programmatic platdevelop under a new name–Google Ad Manager. 


With this evolution, we’re excited to carry out also even more for our partners—earning them more money, even more properly, wherever human being are watching videos, playing games or engaging through content, and yet advertisers are looking to work with them. To learn even more, visit the Google Ad Manager soimg.org.

Transparency and also controls human being have the right to trust

We recognize that the media and also technology advertisers and publishers choose to use effects the relationships they have actually via their customers. As always, our commitment is to encertain that every one of our assets and also platcreates collection the industry’s highest possible traditional in providing people transparency and choice in the ads they check out. For instance, we freshly announced new Ads Settings and expanded Why this ad? throughout all of our solutions, and also practically all websites and also apps that companion with us to present ads.

You"ll start to watch the brand-new Google Ads, Google Marketing Platcreate and also Google Ad Manager brands over the following month.

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We’ll be sharing more about these changes—and also many various other brand-new Ads, Analytics and also Platforms options designed to aid you flourish your business—at Google Marketing Live. Register now to watch live on July 10, 9:00 a.m. PT / 12:00 p.m. ET.