God Frifinished Me Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Two Guys, a Girl, and a Thai Food Place

After a small nudge from Fliss and the Universe, Miles asked Cara out on a formal day. 

The ideal part was that Miles had a reexecute of the first time he wanted to ask Cara out appropriate before Eli confirmed up and rudely interrupted. 

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The street, the flowers, it was all the exact same, but this time, it felt also more appropriate than prior to. 

I guess we really need to trust the timing of our stays.


Of course, Cara sassist yes and arrived soon after wearing a stunning red dress that made Miles" jaw drop. 

Get it, girl! I never before saw her looking that dressed up when she was dating Eli, simply saying! 

Reverand also Andrew: I understand exactly how to compose a sermon.Ali: Not at his church.

With all the love blooming approximately them, and in addition to all the matchmaking they"ve been doing, it was around time these 2 ventured out of the friend-zone. 

Everyone"s viewed the chemisattempt between them except the two of them! 

Tbelow was so a lot love in the air on God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 15 that I can not speak smiling prefer a goofround. 

Seeing Fliss aget was a welcome surpclimb and also, on an episode that emphasized soulmates and "the one," it was heartwarming that also she found her soulmate while helping Miles" new friend suggestion. 


It"s about time.

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If Cupid existed, his name would be Miles.

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The Frifinish Suggestion of the week also focused roughly love. 

Who else felt disastrous about Vivian? It"s bad enough that she had actually a mind aneurysm the day of her wedding, but she also didn"t remember what she did the hrs leading up to it. What a devastating feeling that must be.


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And to height it all off, she didn"t know if she loved Aiden or if she met someone else that night. 

Thankcompletely, as Cara and Miles assisted her piece it all earlier together, she realized that right prior to tragedy struck she fell in love via Aiden anywhere aacquire and wanted nopoint more than to marry him. 

Much prefer Miles, I was rooting for Aiden the entirety time. He invested ten months by Vivian"s side until she woke up. That"s true love! 

Sometimes, the God Account uses up a suggestion that inadvertently helps Miles realize his next actions. 

I"ll forever before be thankful for Viv and Aiden because they are the factor Miles mustered up the confidence to follow his own heart. 

Even Jaya came back to tvery own to acfirm Rakesh to his occupational mixer. 


Jaya and also Rakesh have actually been connection purposes considering that the start, yet nothing can have prepared me for exactly how romantic Jaya was when she pushed Rakesh to follow his desires. 

You hold onto a womale that supports your dreams!

The good news is that she"s relocating ago to New York City for her residency so hopetotally, she"ll end up being an extra irreversible component of the "God Account" team.

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Speaking of the God Account, we lastly met the Simon Hayes, and he was slightly underwhelming.

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The means Pria talked him up, I was expecting someone a little bit older than Rakesh and also even more overcoming of the room. 

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But I will not take ameans from the fact that he agreed to relocate his totality team from Palo Alto to New York City strictly for Rakesh to be on the team. 

It was a bold move on Rakesh" part considering he freshly began leading the tech team. No matter exactly how great you are, you typically don"t begin making major researches till you"re a little more establimelted. 

In this instance, Rakesh took a shot, and also it phelp off.

It does make me wonder if tbelow is a certain reason that Hayes desires Rakesh on the team. 

He was extremely cryptic around the type of project Rakesh would certainly be working on, which is weird considering he wanted Rakesh to uproot his totality life to work-related on it. 

The way Hayes explained the "revolutionary" project, it appears like he"s been pulling the strings on the God Account. 

He discussed the project was in its trial phase and that it would "assist many people."

I know what she"s going via. Okay? I went through it with Eli. You think she wants to be having actually these feelings, these doubts? You do not think she desires to feel the same method that he does about her? Yeah, it sucks, yet it"s not her fault Miles. She requirements to understand what taken place. They both perform.


Miles might extremely well be the trial, and also we currently recognize that the job-related he"s doing alongside Cara and also Rakesh is helping many world. 

Hayes additionally pointed out Henry Chase, compared Rakesh" coding style to Chase"s, and even complimented Rakesh on all the times he hacked right into the device. 

Obviously, if he"s checked out Rakesh"s virtual footprint at IdentitySeal, he knows that Rakesh has actually been looking right into the God Account. 

Why else would certainly he be the only male for the job?

Generally, bosses don"t relocate whole groups to different cities for simply any old employee. 

And Rakesh wouldn"t be simply another person on the team; he would be Hayes" right-hand man! Talk about getting cshed to the person you"re looking into. 

It can go one of 2 methods. Either Rakesh will get some advantageous indevelopment from Hayes, or he"s going to sabotage his whole relationship with him by trying to find out as well much as well easily. 

Though, if Hayes isn"t the creator of the God Account, he might have the skills to assist them figure it out! 

Worst instance scenario, he"s a direct connection to Chase! Somepoint tells me, Hayes knows wright here he"s hiding out! 

Vivian: Do you think in soul mates?Miles: You sound choose Cara. But no, I believe in love. Soul mates, it feels also straightforward, favor we"re supposed to simply sit back and also wait for somepoint to happen. No, love is even more than that. It"s a arsenal of common experiences that lets you understand they"re the one.

As for Rev. Finer, we recognize that he"s on borrowed time once it comes to running Harlem Episcopal. 

The great news is that he does seem a lot more open up to readjust than he did before Anattracted acquired assigned to the church. 

His leschild to Andrew on finding his voice and also ending up being the sort of perboy God wanted him to be is a lesboy we deserve to all adopt on a Sunday night. Or any night for that matter.