Eincredibly aspect is represented by a nuclear symbol, which includes of 3 parts: (a) the atomic number, (b) the symbol and also (c) the mass number of the specific isotope of the element. The symbol is stood for as:


wright here, X is the chemical symbol of the element, A is mass number (amount of number of proloads and also neutrons in the nucleus), and Z is atomic number (variety of protons in nucleus).

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The atomic symbol of silsymbol is


Atomic number of isotope of silicon,


Mass number of silsymbol,


So, the nuclear symbol for the isotope of silsymbol is


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Chemical reactivity formula

Be2+ + S2- -> BeS

Product formula : BeS

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Explacountry :

In thermodynamics, a system is region or part of room which is being studied and also oboffered while the neighboring is the area or room roughly the system which interacts with the device.

Here in the experiment ,device which is oboffered is reactivity or alters when citric acid and sodium bicarbonate are combined together. And the mixing is lugged out in the calorimeter which serves as a neighboring about the system.

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The factor behind the utilizing the calorimeter is measure the power adjust arising in the time of the reaction.

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