She’s really right into me throughout the time we spend together and also we have actually a great link, but she pulls ago whenever I talk around the future or our connection standing.

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I’m an easy-going man and also I’ve dropped the topic altogether at this point. But I’m still curious about what’s going on through her.

Does she actually desire something with me or is she simply stringing me along?

This girl, Daisy, has told me around a traumatic relationship in her past and also I’ve thought about exactly how her hesitance to get more major through me could be as a result of that experience.

At the exact same time, component of me wonders if she’s simply not that right into me and also making excsupplies to avoid hurting my feelings.

I wanted to discover the reality so I began digging.

Here’s what I found:

The height 15 signs she’s interested but taking it slow


1) She demands the majority of room and also time to herself

Daisy has many fun once we satisfy up, however she additionally requirements most time to herself.

I notification that after meeting up a couple times in the week she distances herself a little bit and also responds to messages more gradually. She once told me directly that she just wanted to spfinish a weekend alone functioning on a college task.

I’ve never really got the vibe that she’s brushing me off, it’s even more favor she’s in a much more fragile state and also needs more time to reacquire her power and sociable self.

It have the right to be easy to take this really personally once someone desires time and area ameans from you, but keep in mind that it’s frequently not about you.

And also once it is around you tbelow are points you can execute.

“In today’s civilization, you’ve gained to recognize just how to be the male that woguys really desire to be through. If you don’t, womales will certainly break up with you after the initial lust has actually worn off, or once she gets to a point wbelow she is sick and also worn down of not feeling enough respect and attractivity for you.,” states connection experienced Dan Bacon.

“You need to gain to the suggest where you don’t NEED need her in your life, but you do WANT her in your life. When your girlfriend sees that you don’t need her and also have been improving yourself and relocating forward in life, she will certainly naturally start to reobtain some of her respect and also attractivity for you. Then, she will certainly begin to issue that she is shedding an excellent male and also will certainly reach out and contact you in some method,” he adds.

2) She doesn’t want to sleep together as well soon

There are many various reasons why a girl might not want to sleep with you too soon.

I supplied to believe it was best to simply go for it, but currently I increasingly respect the position of those that don’t want to gain intimate too early.

Daisy told me she doesn’t agree that resting via someone is crucial to test the strength of your connection and also I sort of see her allude.

If anypoint, the waiting has enhanced the anticipation for if and when it lastly happens.

That sassist, we certainly have chemistry and the fact that she wants to wait despite our high attractivity for each tells me she’s interested but taking it slow.

3) She doesn’t initiate days but she seldom transforms them dvery own either

Daisy and I have been seeing each various other off and on for 4 months now and I’ve certainly noticed that she rarely initiates days.

At first it bothered me, bereason I felt this was basically indifference on her part.

Now I view that she’s letting me take the lead. And I deserve to also check out that she’s obviously afraid to gain hurt. This is among the height indicators she’s interested however taking it sluggish.

After all:

If she wasn’t right into you at all why would she even respond or go on days with you in the initially place?

4) She doesn’t want to fulfill my family members or friends yet

Like I wrote, we’ve just been dating for a few months. But I still available on a couple occasions for her to come to my family’s area and also fulfill my dad and brvarious other.

Maybe she felt it was too a lot of a sausage-fest (my mommy lives in a various city) but she politely declined.

She’s asked about my brvarious other and also other human being in my family members however never before expressed a desire to satisfy them, at least not yet.

Frankly, I check out no need to push her. She’s also asked about my friends, yet in an extra casual method, not in a “let’s hang out soon” means.

I deserve to view that it’s her trying to learn more about me, not actually trying to transition right into the following equipment yet, and I respect that.

5) She’s up and dvery own yet apologizes for it

Daisy is anything but perfect. Luckily I learned lengthy back not to idolize girls I date and put them on a pedestal.

I treat her well and do pay for her meals and drinks on our days, however I’ve never before thought she’s some picture-perfect movie star love enhance.

Sometimes her mood is honestly pretty grating, and other times she’s really witty and also charming. It does bvarious other me, however I likewise understand she shelp she’s been going with a lot with her task and also breakup last year.

She’s additionally apologized to me on multiple occasions for her mood swings, which I appreciate.

Daisy even admitted to me that her volatility is among the factors she doesn’t understand if she’s ready for a brand-new relationship yet.

If you’re dating a girl who’s anywhere the map and whose mood fluctuates for no evident factor, don’t take it personally and attempt to provide her some area.

6) She provides some time for you but puts her priorities first


In addition to not initiating days, Daisy has actually put various other priorities initially on many occasions.

Work, her college courses, even her friends.

She’s turned downtime via me to be via them and I admit it’s pissed me off a couple of times. But I simply went and hung out with my friends also.

I talked to her about it and also she witnessed how it could make me feel unnecessary or neglected, but I’ve likewise had to accept that it’s component of her hesitancy to gain severe through me.

There’s going to be a “make or break” minute in the coming months, I have the right to see that for sure.

Nonetheless, I’m willing to stick it out for now…

Anastasia Carter — who’s ghosted many men herself — explains that among the reasons deserve to be as easy as the man coming on as well strong:

“Over-texting, lacking patience or showing up too keen gives the impression that you have actually nopoint much better to carry out than to wait for her to answer your message. Which is not cute.

Why? We desire to feel prefer you want to spend time via us despite having actually full and also busy lives! Not bereason you have nothing else going on…”

7) She’s interested to hear even more about you but doesn’t react much

She asks about my family occasionally as I said and she’s additionally curious about my career and also what I think about assorted worries.

That’s great, because I gain an excellent conversation through an attrenergetic womale as much as the following guy.

She doesn’t react much and also I’ve only made her laugh literally twice, but Daisy clearly has some interemainder in me at least, considering that she keeps being curious about my life.

8) Red flags make her visibly upcollection and also worried

Red flags that come up have brought about Daisy to visibly react and also ago off a little.

It’s among the biggest indicators she’s interested however taking it slow:

She jumps back at the sign of hazard or a bad match via you. If you’re lucky she keeps providing you a chance, if not it’s adios.

So…around that: yes I carry out smoke. And no I’m not trying to quit. Sorry, I prefer to smoke.

Daisy doesn’t. In fact she hates it.

And I might check out the controversy in her head around whether to never before talk to me aobtain as soon as she saw me grab a cigarette one night outside the pub.

Hey, I gotta perform me.

9) She wants to understand more around your worths and also beliefs

I’m on a bit of an recurring spiroutine awakening myself. Yes, I do realize exactly how douchey that sounds.

Daisy also laughed as soon as I said it, but you know…gotta speak my truth and all…

The truth that her less pleasing behavior is still counterwell balanced by these kinds of conversations reassures me.

I told her about my childhood and also family members background and also around my currently evolving spiritual beliefs and also she opened up up a little about where she’s at and prospering up in an evangelical church.

I love talking about religious beliefs and I’m glad that her and also I are talking about this stuff.

It’s clear she’s interested yet she wants to find out a small even more about me and what I value and think before she goes any type of further…

10) She’s unconvinced to open up up to you, however you have the right to tell there’s more to her

Daisy has opened up a bit on some subjects including her religious upbringing and her family. But overall I’d have to say she’s still a actual mystery to me.

What makes this girl tick?

How is someone so beautiful still single? (Just kidding, I’m not such an asshole that I actually think being single means somepoint negative).

In reality, I recognize that being single deserve to be among the a lot of empowering things we have the right to carry out and be a time of development and self-realization.

11) She’s more interested in improving her life than coming to be part of yours

Daisy is really right into juicing and also she’s growing her own garden. I think it’s great and also likewise I have tried her carrots and they are Grade A quality.

She’s likewise trying to shed weight and improve her fitness, although I don’t view anypoint wrong in that department.

Several times it’s been apparent to me that some of her objectives, like fitness and also a proactivity she’s going for at work, seem to mean even more to her than me.

I wasn’t thrilled, yet I also sort of respect that she’s so focused on her goals and taking it slow on romance.

12) She enjoys physical intimacy however pulls earlier before it goes further


As I created, Daisy has actually been clear via me that she desires to take it slow-moving in the bedroom department and I’m OK with that.

Really, I am.

But she additionally pulls earlier during intimacy choose kissing and also my wandering hands have actually had actually a rude awakening a couple of times when she pushes me away.

I haven’t taken it personally and also I construed it as her setting limits on herself till she’s sure about where she wants to take points through me.

13) Talk about points acquiring even more severe transforms her off

The few times that talk of the future comes up, Daisy pulls amethod.

When you’re dating someone who’s taking it sluggish you will certainly primarily notification that any kind of form of push renders them desire to bolt.

If you’re still dating non-solely and also open up to seeing various other civilization, then it’s way also early to attempt to begin through any talk about the future.

But if you’re currently just seeing each other it deserve to be a great time to see if you could be prepared to launch right into the following phase.

Danielle Directo-Meston spills the beans around this, composing that:

“When you’ve determined to be exclusive, you could treat each other as major partners without the weight of a full-on connection.

Take time to gain to understand your partner and understand also their values, romantic desires, and also interests to ensure they align through yours. It’s additionally a time for exploring what life would be choose together—go on dates, try brand-new points, and be fragile through your thoughts or involves.”

14) She’s commonly more affectionate via you after time apart

After we spend four or 5 days without texting a lot or seeing each various other I can noticeably see that Daisy is a fresher, brighter version of herself.

I assumed maybe it’s because I was coming on also solid, however among the many necessary things I’ve learned about romance is that sensitive people choose me tend to over-translate various other people’s actions as directed at them.

When the truth is a lot of of us are living a lot in our own little bit cosmos and also seldom are particularly directing points at someone else on function.

Daisy even initiated a kiss when after a week acomponent. Maybe there’s hope for us yet…

15) She lights up roughly you however then pulls back

As I shelp, I’ve just made Daisy laugh a couple of times however also her smiles offer me a little bit of a buzz.

I have to work tough for them, though. She sometimes lights up approximately me as soon as I tell a joke or compliments her yet then I alert she pulls back easily and appears to retreat right into a sort of emotional shell.

That’s her being into me yet likewise still being scared and also not ready to open herself totally to me.

Like I composed, our make or break minute is up ahead roughly the bfinish and I’m not going to wait on pause forever, yet the small indicators of life from her are at leastern a little encouraging…

So is she interested or simply stringing me along?

My finish conclusion is that Daisy is interested in me but she isn’t certain exactly how strongly she feels and also she’s been hurt badly in the past.

For that reason she’s taking things slow-moving and staying clear of jumping into a severe relationship.

I respect that, and also it deserve to actually be an excellent thing considering that it will call for me to exercise patience, a high quality which is not always my strongest suit.

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If you’re wondering whether she’s into you or not then consult the list…

The 15 signs she’s interested however taking it slow-moving deserve to tell you a lot about her behavior and also aid you make a judgment call on whether to continue dating.