"Ramona give it back!" Jackson yells as he chases his 'friend'. Jesse, his uncle enters the room with an annoyed expression on his face. "what is going on here? I was getting ready for my face mask" he said as he crossed his arms. "Ramona took something she shouldn't have" he said giving Ramona a glare.

Ramona only laughed. "oh stop being a baby. You're trying to confess to Rocki through paper? Weak" She said while letting out a chuckle. Jackson's face flushed crimson red which made Ramona laugh harder. "oh shut it! You're still trying to date that Japanese singer that you'll probably won't see again".

Ramona scoffed and threw him a dirty look. "Marius and I are doing just fine!" she said. "You like Rocki?that emo girl who humiliated you on the first day of school?" Jesse said confused.  Jackson looked away flustered.

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"she's a bad influence on you kid" he said before leaving.  Jackson sighed and sat down followed by Ramona. "Listen jackson. Rocki is a cool girl but are you sure it's her you want? Didn't she get you in trouble?" she asked. Jackson shook his head. "it was me at fault. She might be mean sometimes but I know she has a good heart".

Ramona awed and sighed. "I wish Marius and I were close. He barely texts me". Jackson faced her. "Don't you think maybe because he has a busy schedule. He's an idol what did you expect".

Ramona smiled lightly and nodded. "you're right. I shouldn't doubt this long distance relationship". Jackson gave her a smile. There was a knock on the door. "it's always open" Both Jackson and Ramona shouted. The door opened and in walked Rocki.

"what up losers" Rocki said with a smile and she high fived Ramona. "Hello Fuller". Jackson smiled. They both shared a long make out session. Ramona looked as if she was about to puke. "Right in front of my salad?" DJ, Jackson's mom complained. "Hello Deej" Rocki greeted her. DJ faked smiled and walked away.

"imma go play with Tommy. I've been craving cuteness" rocki said as she walks away. Ramona looked at jackson. "why are you stressing out? You two kissed. Aren't you guys dating?" she asked. "I wish" Jackson muttered. "she said she doesn't like labels and prefers to be friends but she doesn't mind us making out" he added.

Ramona nodded. "I think you two should talk about this" she said as if on cue, Rocki walked in holding Tommy. "I'll leave you two" she said as she took Tommy from Rocki and left the room. "what's wrong fuller?" Rocki asked walking up to him.

Jackson sighed. "look Rocki, I really really like you. I know you don't like labels but I can't continue being friends with you. It hurts me knowing that you probably don't like me" he explained. Rocki looked at him as if there was no emotion whatsoever. "look jackson, I don't like you like that. Our kisses are just there, please don't take them seriously" she finished.

Jackson felt as if the world crumbled down and his heart shattered. It was all nothing but just a kiss. No feelings just a plain kiss. Jackson nodded and fake smiled. "glad we got that clear, if you'll excuse me. I have to go bury myself" he said as he walked to the backyard. Ramona poked her head out of the door and walked towards Rocki.

"listen Rocki... I know you don't like Jackson but don't you think that was a bit harsh?" she asked. Rocki shook her head. "it's best if I don't give him false hope" she said with a sad smile.

Jackson decided to take a small walk outside. He kicked some pebbles and immediately raised his head as he heard a shriek. "ouch!" a girl cried out. Jackson apologized to the girl and looked at her. "Oh lola, hey. Sorry about that" he said as he rubbed his nape with embarrassment. Lola chuckled and ruffled his hair. "it's ok silly"

Lola was his ex girlfriend, first love, and first kiss. They're friends now. "what's wrong? You're looking gloomy today" she asked. "Love is hard" he whined earning a giggle from lola. "woah that's a first I thought my confident jackson could get anybody" she teased.

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"I guess not he replied" he said sadly.