Smith obtained widespread fame as the rapper The Fresh Prince, and via that fame came a far-reaching jump in earnings. Unfortunately, Smith didn"t control his money wisely or pay sufficient in income taxes, and he owed the government a whopping $2.8 million. The IRS seized most of his belongings, consisting of his earnings. The Fresh Prince almost asserted bankruptcy—until producer Quincy Jones picked him to star in a brand-new series, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was born.

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2. And he had actually to pay up.

The IRS compelled Smith to pay them 70 percent of his salary over the first three periods.

3. He was virtually a complete novice.

Smith just had one various other TV production under his belt—as a t-shirt salesguy on an ABC after school special—when he welcomed a duty on The Fresh Prince, and also is embarrassed by his earliest performances on the show. He had never before been formally trained as an actor, and—in some cases—his absence of experience was painfully obvious. "I was trying so tough," he shelp. "I would certainly memorize the entire script, then I"d be lipping everybody"s lines while they were talking. When I watch those episodes, it"s disgusting. My performances were horrible."

4. Tyra Banks Made Her Acting Deyet on the Show

She played Smith"s on-display girlfriend, Jackie, in a seaboy 4 episode.

5. The House in the Intro isn"t in Bel Air.

Instead, the pictured house is located in the adjacent (and similarly affluent) Brenthardwood.

6. Carlton"s Dance was Inspired by Courteney Cox and Eddie Murphy.

"Tbelow was a video of Bruce Springsteenager and Courteney Cox referred to as "Dancing in the Dark," and also Bruce Springsteen pulls her up onto the stage and also she basically does that dance," actor Alfonso Ribeiro sassist. "And it was also from Eddie Murphy’s Delirious comedy video where he does "the white guy dance." And what I did was ultimately take those two dances and also merged them and made it my very own, and also made it my character’s."

7. Geoffrey Had A Last Name.

The ever-snarky butler of the Banks household"s last name was ... Butler. (His middle name was Barbara.)

8. Nicky"s Center Names Were Encouraged by Boyz II Men.

Audiences were first presented to Nicky in seaboy 3, after he is born to Uncle Phil and also Aunt Viv. His full name is Nicholas Andrew Michael Shawn Nathan Wanya Banks. What are the Boyz II Men member names? Michael, Shawn, Nathan, and also Wanya. The four-member R&B team percreated at Nicky’s christening in a seakid four episode.

9. Who"s the Cabbie?

Many kind of sites (consisting of IMDb) state that that"s Quincy Jones driving the taxi cab via dice in the mirror. But according to both Rashida Jones (Quincy"s daughter) and Jada Pinkett Smith, the cabbie in the credits is "absolutely not" the Q. Besides, many thanks to an auto accident at age 14 in which he was a passenger, Jones has actually never before learned to drive.

10. Smith met his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, throughout auditions for the display.

She originally auditioned for the role of Will’s on-screen girlfriend. She didn’t obtain the component, but that didn’t stop the couple from obtaining married in 1997.

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11. Smith added stories for some episodes.


Will Smith was even more than simply the sitcom’s star. He likewise facilitated stories and produced some of the episodes, consisting of “Ain’t No Company Like Sjust how Business” in seakid 3. In this episode, Will’s friend Keith Campbell, a comedian from Philadelphia, visits and also makes stand-up look so basic that Will decides to pursue a career in comedy.

12. Two Different Actresses Played Aunt Vivian.

Janet Hubert played the character during the first 3 seasons; Daphne Maxwell Reid played Aunt Vivian throughout the last 3 seasons. Janet Hubert has said that the producers offered her a 10-episode contract that prevented her from doing any type of other acting occupational. When she refsupplied, the producers refsupplied to negotiate and reactors the duty.

13. Tbelow were many famous guest stars.

Jay Leno, Queen Latifah, and also Hugh Hefner all made guest appearances on the display.

14. The actors preserved a "diary."

Earlier this year, Karyn Parsons, that played Hilary Banks, told ABC News about a notebook maintained in the drawer of the set"s kitchen island also, which she took through her after the show went off the air. "Eexceptionally now and also then a cam perboy or the actors, somebody would certainly just compose silly poeattempt or "James is acquiring on my nerves,"" she said. "We would make little bit notes, so I took that. I must pull that out, specifically currently that James has passed, bereason I recognize he"s created in there. I understand he was created around."

15. The Show was Canceled and also Brought Back

After NBC canceled Fresh Prince in its fourth seaboy, the finale had actually Smith"s character heading back to Philadelphia. After fan outcry, however, NBC decided to bring the display back; its fifth season opens up through an NBC executive pulling Smith right into a van to drive him earlier to The golden state, saying "It"s dubbed the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, not The Fresh Prince of Philadelphia." At some point, the present had six seasons.

16. The Theme Tune Caprovided a School Lockdown.

In 2013, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air design template song brought about a college to be put on lockdown. A receptionist from Ambridge Area High School in Pennsylvania called a student to remind him of an upcoming appointment. He didn’t answer, and also the receptionist was directed to the student’s voicemail. The student imitated the show’s theme song for his answering message, and also the receptionist assumed he shelp “shooting world external of the school” instead of “shooting some b-round external of the college.” The neighborhood police lugged the student into custody, although he was later released.

17. You probably can not gain the soundtrack.

Want to get a CD soundtrack of The Fresh Prince? You might have to take a airplane to the Netherlands to acquire it; it was originally just released in Holland, wright here an extensive reblended variation of the title song hit #3 on the singles chart in 1992. The songs are currently accessible online using Spotify and also in other places for downloading.

18. The Sexactly how has actually been paropassed away.

There are multiple parodies of the display. Mad TV created the animated Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air. A pet fostering group created The Fresh Pup of Bel-Air.

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19. Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay love The Fresh Prince.

In August 2012, the sitcom overtook the Harry Potter series as the entertainment of alternative in the prichild.

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20. The display endorsed a pair of basketsphere sneakers.

They were referred to as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Jordan 5. (Well, they were actually dubbed the Air Jordan 5 Bel Air, but that"s not as good a name.)

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