Frequency Marketing is Marketing which involves rewarding customers for the volume or frequency of their purchases in order to boost customer profitability.

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Frequency marketing emphasizes the advancement and implementation of marketing tactics and also methods aimed at enhancing the frequency of customer purchases, visits, orders, and also the like in an initiative to maximize the profit contributions of customers.


Frequency marketing have the right to therefore involve a procedure of identifying ‘best,’ or most useful customers, recognizing that the Pareto principle might use to customer profitcapability (where, for example, 80% of the firm’s profits might be attributed to 20% of the firm’s customers). The practice of frequency marketing by many type of firms is commonly through formal loyalty programs, which aim to encourage repeat purchase and also increase customer retention.

Marketers pertained to with enhancing repeat purchases by customers valued by the firm may benefit from a greater understanding of the benefits, costs, and constraints linked through the practice of frequency marketing. For instance, marketers have to acknowledge that, while customers may boost their purchase frequency in response to a marketer’s frequency routine and ultimately end up being habitual or steadquick buyers, it is additionally possible that customer loyalty might be short-lived among various other customers, specifically if the frequency marketing programs of competitors end up being relatively even more attractive to such customers.

The best method to use this marketing strategy to your firm is to market customers a discount or to market them a freebie bereason of their repeated purchase. Off course, for this you require as excellent a CRM as you deserve to get so that you have the right to track the repeat purchases by customers.

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Many kind of retail chains and also the “constant air flyer miles” regime is a part of frequency marketing. The cost of transferring out frequency marketing will certainly constantly be lesser then the cost of customer acquisition. Hence, if you are spfinishing 10% on customer acquisition, you have to spfinish at least 5% on customer retention. And hence, you can award your customers on frequency, and also retain more and more customers.

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