‘Girlfriends and Boyfriends’ begins via Lindsay entering McKinley for another day of college. On her way to the patio, she passes by the various other cliques you commonly view in high colleges dramas – jocks tossing roughly a footsphere, nerds via their binders in hand, and also the like. She notices them, but quickly dismisses them as she heads outside (reminding us that Freaks and Geeks is not a display that opeprices within cliches, enabling us to recollection our expectations for the stories to follow)… that is, until she passes Generic Couple Making Out in the hallmethod, and becomes fixated on their grope-y adopt. If the title didn’t currently provide it ameans, that minute reveals the single focus of the episode: sex and also relationships.

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Word is acquiring around college that Nick and also Lindsay are dating: plainly a machination of Nick, bereason Lindsay is still super non-committal when the subject is broached approximately her. While sitting in study hall, Daniel tries to remind Lindsay that Nick’s a “great guy” (and even more importantly, “a stud”), furthering her uncomfortable feelings about the totality instance (Nick sticking his hand also in her back pocket definitely doesn’t assist matters, either). Lindsay’s willing to admit to Daniel that Nick’s a “really great guy”, but what does that mean? Does that intend she likes him as even more than a friend?

Of course, we all know that Nick can be a perkid living in a dream human being (remember his audition?), and he’s currently created this weird-but-very-familiar-feeling narrative for their partnership. He’s the man who cares too much, who is so desperate for a connection to one more huguy that he constructs a connection for them out of a single kiss – one that Lindsay dropped on Nick not out of attractivity, yet out of desperation to make him feel better. Like any type of male his age, Nick’s earnestness to love (and also desire to get lassist, underneath it all) reason him to take 12 miles when he was only provided a foot – something nicely paralleled in what’s going on through Sam, whose adendeavors pursuing Cindy reflect perfectly the philosophies presented via Nick and Lindsay.


Like Nick, Sam’s obtained a enormous crush on Cindy, and is willing to perform whatever it takes to obtain via her. But through every action he takes forward, he seems to take two ago. He joins her clubs so he deserve to hang out through her: she pisses and moans that they need to go offer ads. She asks him out to eat after school: transforms out she wants to talk about boys and also her period, referring to Sam as “favor my sister” bereason he’s simply such a swell, caring male. Aget, a feeling any type of guy (consisting of myself) is familiar with, including Nick: though Sam is a LOT even more subtle around his feelings, he’s coming up against the very same uncomfortable feelings of semi-rejection that Cindy and also Lindsay are both projecting in the direction of the boys chasing them.

There are 2 really exciting things going on in ‘Girlfriends and Boyfriends’: the first and also a lot of evident of these, is exactly how bit teenagers realize the obvious indications that suggest they make a negative couple. Just as Nick is ignoring Lindsay’s hesitations (her uncomfortable “Do you desire to make out or something?” comment really betrays the confusion she’s trying to hide), Sam is ignoring the many type of indications both he and Bill sees that indicate they can not make a good couple. First of all, Gordon tells Sam that he should “pretend” to favor what she likes, so she gets interested in him: a disastrous principle advanced by the revelation that Cindy is into carrot sticks, the Muppets, and Todd Schellinger, one of the football players Cindy cheers for eextremely Friday. Although the worst of her features would be held till a lot later in the seachild, Sam’s infatuation with Cindy blinds him from seeing the plain truths that imply he could want to look in other places for love – as carry out the many type of apparent differences in between Nick and Lindsay, summed up wondertotally once he sends out her a rose with a note that reads “Can’t wate till tomorrow nite.”

The various other component of ‘Girlfriends and also Boyfriends’ I uncovered many intriguing is a small even more subtle: as soon as Lindsay is facing the opportunity that Nick desires to have sex with her, she’s sort of left flailing among a team of males that don’t really understand also exactly how to talk to her around sex. It normally just leads to gross stories around their sex lives: Mr. Rosso tells her exactly how he got herpes (behind the bowling alley we’ll visit in the series finale, in fact) and also Harold shares the tale of exactly how he lost his virginity to a Oriental hooker (“Worst $5 I ever spent”, he tells Lindsay as she looks on disgusted): when it involves finding someone to talk around sex, all Lindsay has is Millie, that spews the typical little bit about “nobody will certainly want to marry you” after you have sex bereason “why pay for the cow once you deserve to acquire the milk for free?” There’s nowbelow for Lindsay to turn for great sex advice, sort of left floating on an island wright here the only world she deserve to talk to are religious zealots, Kim Kelly, or her mother, hardly the picture of gradual sexual ideals. The present doesn’t really carry out a solution for it – but instead says that Lindsay is strong enough to handle it herself, or just gets lucky when it turns out Nick simply wants to host her as Styx and also The Moody Blues play (which features one of my favorite shots of the series, as Nick cuddles up versus a mortified Lindsay).

Most of ‘Girlfriends and Boyfriends’ is really simply establishing up threads for future episodes to pick up, but it does a wonderful task separating itself from the typical romantic high college fare, reminding us all just exactly how awkward those fond memories of “young love” actually are. As always, Freaks and also Geeks made a point of separating themselves from the typical high institution present in ‘Girlfriends and Boyfriends’, a reminder of just how

Other thoughts/observations:

– Nick says he’s glad he bombed the audition bereason it lead to their kiss, a certain sign that he’s misinterpreting the meaning of occasions.

– Rosso’s really feeling the new Rush album; “rocks hard” is his official review.

– I love the little bit subplot with Gordon ending up being a member of the crew. It really shows what a good perchild Sam is, how he’s willing to look previous Gordon’s medical problem (which causes him to smell) and take on him as a perboy, because he’s cool.

– Rosso: “… now I obtain sores on my mouth once a month. That’s right; I have herpes…. I simply blew your mind, didn’t I?”

– Gordon’s plan for Sam to come to be obsessed with Cindy is hilarious, creepy, and specifically what I would’ve done at that age. Aren’t teenage boys simply the weirdest creatures?

– Cindy’s “Dear Diary” poem is so fucking awful, yet Sam eats up eexceptionally last crappy bit of it.

– Bill plans to be “enormous” in 3 years. Neal insists he’ll be 6’3″ by then, like his dad (who we’ll fulfill in 2 weeks).

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– after Harold and Jean view Lindsay go off for her night with Nick, they insist that Sam come in the living room and also watch TV through them all night, sitting in between them as they cling onto whatever’s left in the nest. Adorable little scene.