1. Compute the Springfield club's rerevolve on investment (ROI) to2 decimal areas.

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2. Assume that the manager of the club is able to increase salesby $94,000 and also that, as a result, net operating revenue rises by$8,836. Further assume that this is feasible without any increasein average operating assets. What would certainly be the club's rerotate oninvestment (ROI)? 2 decimal areas.

3. Assume that the manager of the club is able to reduceexpenses by $3,760 without any kind of readjust in sales or average operatingassets. What would be the club's rerotate on investment (ROI)? 2Decimal Places.

4. Assume that the manager of the club is able to mitigate averageoperating assets by $20,000 without any kind of readjust in sales or netoperating income. What would be the club's rerevolve on investment(ROI)? 2 decimal areas.


The complying with indevelopment applies to the inquiries shown listed below.> Fitness Fanatics is a local chain of health clubs. The managers of the clubs, that have actually authority to make investments as essential, are evaluated based largely on rerotate on investment (ROI). The company's Springfield Club reported the following outcomes for the past year: Sales Net operating earnings Typical operating assets $ 940,000 $ 36,660 $ 100,000 The adhering to questions are to be thought about independently.
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