Those are videos of baseball"s optimal outarea prospect going deep twice last night in his AAA deyet. His name is Jarred Kelenic. Many casual baseround fans know him as the latest future phenom that"s getting screwed bereason of organization time. And if you really follow, then you know he explicitly shelp this offseakid that he wouldn"t sign an expansion so the Mariners started playing games via him. Pretty awkward situation with your future 3-hole hitter understanding that he currently hates your guts.

Forcing their hand, the Mariners preserved Kelenic on the minor league roster out of spring training after refusing to debut him last year. If you"re not going to be below for the long-run upfront, then I intend it provides sense to completely fuck him over start to complete. End result is Kelenic will *probably* end up shedding a year of free company. I say more than likely because every little thing is subject to cumulative bargetting and also I"ve learned the tough means not to stop definitively as soon as CBA"s are on the table. 

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That"s a weird sentence.

Point is Kelenic should be in the big leagues bereason he"s awesome and would instantly make the Mariners better yet he"s not because service time rules suck. BADVERTISEMENT. And now the second location overachieving Mariners have actually gone 20% of the seakid via an deliberately worse team. I know the wheels are because of fall off but if you"re a Mariners fan you need to be out of your mind upset. A win in April & May is simply as essential as one in August and also September. 

I honestly and also sincedepend wish we had actually a much better method to go around paying players that didn"t need to so obnoxiously ayet THE BUSINESS OF SPORTS. To be frank I"m not really interested in the financial dynamics. I"m at the suggest in life wbelow I simply want to cheer for excellent players, and also I need to be able to trust the extremely well compensated individuals at my groups to identify and also retain shelp players. Examples: Kris Bryant, Javy Baez and Anthony Rizzo. This isn"t rocket scientific research. 

At some suggest we simply do not give a shit around exactly how tough these guys making decisions have it. Then quit the fucking project if you can"t gain Jarred Kelenic to sign a fair extension. I intend exactly how deserve to you tell me there isn"t a organization development man analysis this blog right now that couldn"t wheel and also deal a powerallude deck to Kelenic"s team and have actually somepoint ironed out by lunch. This is literally simply about doing good, hocolony organization and I swear on every little thing spiritual & holy you just can not uncover it in Major Organization Baseball. 

On the bideal side at least we"re not talking about Tony La Russa"s managerial decisions.

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At this point I"ll revolve it over to White Sox Dave. As the children would certainly say, he was on one this week: