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This is a guide to understanding just how Individual Values (IVs) occupational in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Discover what IVs carry out, just how to check a unit"s IVs, and also just how you can change a unit"s IVs.

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Trait Fruits: How to Change IVs

How to Change IVs


With the September 2020 upday, you have the right to currently change a unit"s IVs with Trait Fruits.

Trait Fruits will certainly permit you to readjust the IVs of all Free Units and systems acquired from the Hall of Forms, making them stronger!

However, you will certainly need 100 Trait Fruits in order to readjust a unit"s IVs, so be mindful of which one you pick. You deserve to adjust the IVs of either your favorite or the majority of powerful units!

Understanding How IVs Work


In Fire Emblem Heroes, eincredibly individual unit pulled from a banner has what are well-known as Individual Values (IVs). When IVs differ between units, the very same hero have the right to have actually various stats after getting to its max level.

A Raised Stat and also a Lowered Stat

There exists a straightforward collection of stats for eexceptionally hero in the game (recognized as base stats). IVs reason one of a hero"s base stats to rise by 3~4 points and one more to reduced by 3~4 points.

Lv 40 Base Stats for All Units

Superboons and Superbanes

5★ heroes can have actually stats that are strong or weak (these are not existing for 4★ heroes and lower). When a unit has actually this strong stat (dubbed a superboon) as its IV, it will result in +4 points to the base worth. Likewise, as soon as a unit has actually a superbane (lowered IV) in a weak stat, the worth will be 4 points lower than the base stat.

Superboon Superbane Ascollection (Boon) Fregulation (Bane)
+4 +3(Common Value)
-3(Common Value) -4

When a hero receives both a superboon and also a superbane, the resulting readjust will be ±4.

Stats will certainly differ relying on IVs!


Comparison of Camilla: Bewitching Beauty"s Stats at the Max Level

This side by side of Camilla"s stats was sent out in by a user through Twitter. We deserve to use it to compare feasible stats for this hero.

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total Base Values A B
37 38 27 28 31 161
37 38 27 24↓ 34↑ 160
37 38 24↓ 31↑ 31 161
When a hero reaches the max level, the difference in IVs will certainly be incredibly significant!

Comparing two Camilla systems through the base values mirrors us that one stat will be higher and also one stat will certainly be reduced than rgw base worths. Very seldom, you might come throughout a unit whose stats carry out not differ from the base values.

How to Check IVs

Check on the Stats Screen


Deirdre"s ascollection is displayed right here in blue (Atk). Her fregulation (HP) is presented in red.

You have the right to inspect a hero"s IVs through the stats display screen. A stat name, such as HP or Atk, will certainly be written in blue as soon as it is an ascollection, and also red once it is a fregulation.

Due to the fact that the shade may be a little difficult to see, you can always push the place where the stat is displayed and ascollection or flaw will certainly be presented.


Due to the fact that Hel has actually been unified, any type of flaws have disappeared and also just her asset remains (Atk).

When you Merge Allies, the fregulation will disshow up, so only the ascollection composed in blue will certainly remajor for that hero. When a hero"s stats display neither blue or red letters, this unit has base values (no IVs).

You have to first rotate the attribute on through settings.


Asset/Fregulation Color Display is turned off by default. To rotate it on, you must go to Misc. → Setups → and select On next to Asset/Flaw Color Display.

You have the right to additionally inspect with the IV calculator tool.

It is additionally feasible to examine a hero"s IVs through the IV calculator tool. However, this strategy have the right to only be supplied as soon as the hero is at level 1 or level 40.

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IV Checker and Calculator

Can You Choose IVs?

4★ or 3★ Unit 5★ Unit Free Unit
Easy to choose IVs Difficult to select IVs Cannot choose IVs

For systems only obtainable with summons, it is exceptionally hard to obtain the IVs that you want.

Units derived through Quests & Missions as well as Grand also Hero Battles will certainly constantly have actually base stats, meaning you cannot choose their IVs either.

You would need to pull from many type of summons in order to acquire a 5★ unit through the IVs you want, so we recommfinish that you select a 4★ or 3★ hero via the IVs you desire, unlock their potential, and also build them instead. In addition, you deserve to pull a 5★ and usage Trait Fruit to readjust their IVs, however since ths is a minimal resource, you should usage it very sparingly.

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