Act 4 is Path of Exile’s fourth storyline act. In this act, the exile travels to Highgate, a previous Empire mining city that is now occupied by a band of Maraketh. They guard the mountain wright here Sekhema Deshret sealed the Beast after it damaged the Eternal Empire. The Beast now stirs and its grasp, Malachai, wishes to remake the civilization in the photo of Nightmare. Lady Dialla seeks the exile’s help to destroy the Beast permanently.

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Act 4 covers monster levels 33–40.

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Act 4 Town: Highgate

Highgate is the tvery own for Act 4 and is associated to the Aqueduct, the Dried Lake, the Mines Level 1 and also The Ascent. Like all communities, it has a Stash/Guild Stash, Noticeboard, and Wayallude.

NPCs: Petarus and also Vanja (jewelry, flask, and also gem vendor), Kira (weapon and armour vendor), Tasuni (trades divination cards), Lady Dialla, Oyun.

Master:: Niko, Master of the Depths

Act 4 Map


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Act 4 Progression Guide

The Aqueduct 33 
The Dried Lake  34 Highgate  The Ascent  40
The Mines Level 1  34
The Mines Level 2  35
Daresso"s Dream  37 The Crystal Veins 36  Kaom"s Dream  37
The Grand Arena  38  Belly of the Beast Level 1 38 Kaom"s Stronghold  38 
Belly of the Beastern Level 2 39
The Harvest  40

Act 4 Wayallude Guide

Waysuggest Area Level
Waypoint The Aqueduct 33
No The Dried Lake 34
No The Mines Level 1 34
No The Mines Level 2 35
Waypoint The Crystal Veins 36
No Kaom"s Dream 37
No Daresso"s Dream 37
Waypoint Kaom"s Stronghold 38
Waypoint The Grand also Arena 38
No The Belly of the Beastern Level 1 38
No The Belly of the Beast Level 2 39
Waypoint The Harvest 40
No The Ascent 40
Town Highgate 40

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