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Know Your Fucking Place, Trash describes a memorable scene from a video by YouTuber Filthy Frank. Online, still images from the video have been offered as macros and also exploitables.


On April fifth, 2016, YouTuber Filthy Frank uploaded video titled "LOSER READS HATER COMMENTS 4" which gained over 10 million views in 3 years (displayed below).<1> In one scene of the video, Filthy Frank throws a damaged lapoptimal right into a trash bin, telling the appliance to know its place.

Shut the fuck up, no one cares around your robot fanfiction. Know your fucking area, trash!


On April 13th, 2016, YouTube user Itz Trikki uploaded the clipped to the platcreate, getting over 179,000 views in three years (presented listed below, left). On April 28th, 2016, YouTube user xTep reuploaded the clip, via the video receiving over 200,000 views (shown below, right).

On April 24th, 2016, YouTube user Nicholas Putukian uploaded the initially recognized modify of the clip, via the video acquiring over 48,000 likes in three years (presented listed below, left). On April 29th, YouTube user SuperDuperSeb uploaded a similar modify (shown listed below, right).

On October 12th, 2018, Imgur user OfficialMemeMan posted the initially well-known photo meme based upon the scene, with the post gaining 41 points and also over 2,600 views in eight months (presented listed below, left).<2> In the complying with months, the format experienced limited spreview, via examples appearing on Instagram and on Reddit (shown listed below, center and right).<3><4>


On May sixth, 2019, Reddit user aprilfools911 posted a meme based upon the format to /r/dankmemes subreddit, via the short article acquiring over 44,800 upvotes in 4 weeks (displayed below).

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In the complying with weeks, the format gained significant popularity on Reddit, with remarkable examples appearing in /r/dankmemes,<6> /r/csgo<7> and other subreddits.