Have you ever before knowledgeable the carry out great, feel great phenomenon? When you carry out actions you’re proud of, you feel happier. For example, when you help others, you feel a helper’s high – happy, proud, excited. And because you feel good, the cycle proceeds. Your happiness makes you desire to carry out even more good.

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But, once you are engaged in negative behavior, you feel type of lousy. And then this negative mood ssuggest renders you wind up doing also more negative actions.

Guess what? A good means to snap out of this negative cycle is to perform excellent for someone else – so you deserve to tap into what researchers call:

“The Do Good, Feel Good Phenomenon.”

Researchers have uncovered that the even more people execute acts of altruism, the greater they raise their self-esteem. And thereby the better they also raise their happiness.

Researchers speak to this: helper’s high

(Scroll down for a poster I designed – which sums up this execute good then feel happier philosophy!)

The “Do Good, Feel Good Phenomenon” works choose this…

By doing this excellent stuff, these world then proceed to feel also better around themselves.By feeling better around themselves, this then provides these world desire to continue to carry out also even more acts of altruism.

Unfortunately this cycle also works in the oppowebsite direction.

When people do negative actions they then lower their self esteem.As an outcome of this unhappiness, these people then desire to do even more negative actions.When human being do even more negative behavior, they even more reduced their self esteem, which then better renders them desire to do negative behaviors – and quickly they uncover themselves on a downward spiral.

Dvery own, down, down their poor mood, negative halittle spiral keeps going.

And down, down, down the results for their life goes.

So, watch out for those downward spirals!

Get yourself hooked on doing good and aimed in an upward spiral instead.

Below is an inspirational quote poster I designed – which sums up this upward spiral approach.

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Do excellent, feel excellent. Feel good, execute excellent. Keep the cycle going. – Karen Salmansohn

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