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Reward: $3000This mission becomes obtainable after completing The Atonement and Wrath. This time, you’ll be storming the greatly strengthened bunker of John Seed. Make your preparations, preferably by equipping a modified LMG and shotgun. Once ready, get a chopper, fly to the compound and also clear the enemies outside.


You’ll be storming the place alone because your allies can’t follow you inside. Head inside the bunker’s entrance and also communicate via the panel to unlock the blast door. Interact through the blast door alongside gain inside. Once you reached the bottom of the stairs, take cover behind the metal plate and take out the opponents in the room. Placing some proximity mines alengthy the stairs in front of you will be a great deterrent against peggies trying to rush you. Just don’t forobtain to recuperate undetonated explosives you deployed so you deserve to re-use them aobtain.

Continue downstairs then open the marked blast door. Equip your shotgun here given that you’ll be taking care of the adversaries in close-quarters combat. Continue complying with the mission marker. Don’t hesitate to usage your explosives, grenades, and also dynamites to take out adversaries behind cover. Continue to the following corridor wright here even more opponents await. If you hear opponents however can’t view them, usage the Ultimate Hunter homeopathic to immediately detect and tag them. This will certainly give you enormous benefit.

Tright here are prisoners below but you have to neglect them for the meantime then proceed to the protection room. Go downstairs to the torture chamber for a cutscene. Follow Hudboy ago to the protection room. She’ll have the ability to open the prikid cells except for the 2 you encountered previously. They’ll be noted as mission goals so leave the control room and prepare to fight your method with the peggies trying to speak you.


After opening the second prison cell, Hudkid will certainly ask you to reach the manage room. Follow the mission marker and wait for her to open up the gprice of the missile silo ahead. Drop down to the ledge listed below and enter the next corridor. Turn left and also follow the course until you reach the computer room. Tbelow will be opponents in the other departure, including an armored LMG cultist so leaving explosives tbelow will certainly be an excellent concept. Destroy the consoles with whatever strategy you desire. Just take out the peggies that will be alerted when you start messing approximately through their hardware.
Make your means ago to the silo and climb as much as the ledge wbelow you jumped off previously. Look roughly for a yellow hinge to release the gprice that you deserve to usage as a platform. Continue climbing up until you reach the doormeans on the upper floor. Be mindful given that there are peggies already waiting tright here and also will certainly shoot you as soon as you’re in their sights. Throw a grenade inside or wait for them to peek then shoot them. Shoot the last hinge to your left then hug the wall and also use the incredibly tiny platcreates around to the doormethod.
Once inside, you need to destroy all bbest green Bliss containers. Don’t get also cshed once destroying them given that these are exceptionally volatile. Sweep the floor of enemies and also bliss containers till the gauge in the height left is filled. Leave the room and follow the stairs to the silo hatch.
Tright here are launch panels around the circular platcreate yet before interacting with them, make certain to leave some proximity mines roughly since peggies will certainly begin flooding the location too. Use the Ultimate Survivor homeopathic to get the much required damage increase and kill any kind of nearby peggies that will certainly interrupt your attempt to escape. After pulling down the override levers, you need to store low and endure the cultist Assault till extractivity.
Use Ultimate Hunter to keep track of adjacent adversaries and also usage up all your proximity mines by placing them in and around the platform. Keep fending off the adversaries until you acquire the message that the chopper is over you. Look up then use your grappling hook to the chopper and also pull yourself up for the cutscene. Mission finish and Holland also Valley is now completely liberated!
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