Harriette announces the “third annual scariest pumpkin challenge.” Rachel states that Carl and Steve will be judging. Steve states he’s thrilled “to be consisted of in this family’s charming pagan ceremony.” He states he would’ve gotten in the dispute himself, however a “burly” five-year-old girl via “a intend left hook” stole his pumpkin. We watch Richie’s and Judy’s pumpkins and also then Eddie and Laura’s, which looks like Steve.

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The Winslow-moving jack-o-lanterns
Enjoy a retro commercial break featuring fun drugstore costumes

After the break, the Winslows are having actually breakrapid when Harriette staggers downstairs and starts pouring coffee. Various household members say excellent morning and also she breaks that she knows she’s late and to “get off back.” Rachel’s all “well excuse me” and also Harriette states she didn’t sleep aget last night. Carl claims that’s three nights in a row and also perhaps she must watch a physician.

Harriette: “Carl, he’ll simply say ‘get some sleep’ and also then charge us a hundred bucks.”

I never observed a doctor about my incapability to sleep bereason no one ever took me seriously. Like, “simply go to sleep, duuhhhhrrrrr.” Carl is pertained to that she won’t “be all set to rock and roll” at the policemen’s Halloween party. He states human being always look forward to them “gettin’ on height of the table and also doin’ the Winsluggish rumba.” He dances approximately a little bit and also Hariette claims “the just perchild that looks forward to that” is Carl.

Harriette: “You didn’t notification last year, however they pulled their firearms on us.”


Carl states Rachel might need to “lug the rumba banner this year,” yet she’s planning to take Richie trick-or-treating. Richie’s all “I’m going through Eddie” and Eddie seems surprised by this. Richie claims Eddie promised to take him “a long time ago” as soon as he loaned Eddie two dollars. Eddie forgained about that and has actually made plans to go to Darryl Jackson’s Halloween party through Walexecute. Dejected as have the right to be, Richie walks off. Eddie’s family members is not happy via him.

Afrhelp of being murdered in his sleep, Eddie calls Richie ago and also tells him to be all set by six and also Richie runs back and also hugs him.

Fade to night, and also Carl is snoring away in bed as Harriette glares at him. She turns on the light and tries to wake him up. Harriette ultimately hregarding yell ideal beside his head and it scares the hell out of him. She asks if he’s awake, he states he is currently, and she’s all “great, let’s chat.” Carl isn’t thrilled via this.


A ladder all of a sudden appears in the window and Officer Carl renders no relocate. It’s an excellent thing it’s just Steve and also not a murderer.

Steve greets the Winslows and Carl asks why he’s in their bedroom. Steve states his “motion sensor device was triggered” so he came to examine it out. Carl is perplexed and Steve describes that he invented something to enable him to “store track” of the Winslows. He additionally insinuates that Carl and also Harriette have not been having actually much sex freshly. Carl starts to expain that every few months his back goes out and then realizes he’s explaining his sex life to his teenage neighbor and tells Steve to go home. Steve starts to leave, but Harriette wants him to stay and talk to her considering that she can’t sleep.

Steve pulls up a chair and states his dad didn’t sleep from 1966-1976. With all the additional time, “he learned 12 langueras, wrote three operas, and whittled the whole Osmond family on a walnut.” Carl concerns the reality of Steve’s bizarre stories, yet Steve swears they’re all true. Then he claims his dad uncovered a sure-fire cure for insomnia in ‘77. Harriette is exceptionally excited to hear this. Steve claims his dad lis10s to “relaxation tapes” like “Sounds of the Amazon Rainforest.” Aren’t there chimpanzees there? I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I could hear a monvital bereason I’d be afrassist it would certainly throw poo at me. Harriette hasn’t taken into consideration monvital shit, obviously, because she says it sounds relaxing. Steve agrees and also talks around “chainsaws, bulldozers, animals screaming in terror.” He’s just joking, though. It’s really wind and rain sounds. Harriette wants to know wright here she can gain the tape and also Steve provides to make her a copy of his dad’s. Then he asks if he have the right to get anything for Carl and uses oysters, vitamin E, and “a copy of Bolero.” Carl yells repeatedly for Steve to go residence until Steve takes offense and states he’s going house.

Fade to the Winslow front door as some trick-or-treaters arrive. Eddie answers, dressed as Dracula. He gives the kids some candy, then drops a spider on a string from the doorframework and also cackles as the children run off screaming. Richie bops in, all all set to go in his Spider-Man costume, as the doorbell rings aobtain. This time it’s Walperform, wearing a mask of his very own confront.


Eddie: “What’s up, Waldo?”

Waldo: “How’d you recognize it was me?”

Rachel comes downstairs in a “sexy” Cleopatra costume and asks the guys if they “desire to ride up the Nile on barge.” Then she stands tright here posing for her teenage nephew and also his frifinish. Walexecute tells her she looks “exactly choose Cleopatra.” Harriette comes down in a Shirley Temple costume and also as soon as Walperform asks, states she’s Shirley Temple Black. I think it’s a pun. Carl charges in dressed as Zorro, waving his sword roughly. Walexecute desires Zorro’s autograph and Carl clears his mask, however Walexecute simply turns to Eddie and tells him his father is Zorro. All amazed.

The adults head off via the kitchen to leave for the cop party and also the doorbell rings aget. It’s some chick dressed as either Elvira or Morticia. Her name is Angela and also she requirements assist. She’s trying to find a party at “the Jackson house” and also Eddie claims it’s a “hard residence to uncover.” Richie tries to say it’s actually not much, however Eddie covers his mouth and also provides to take Angela personally. She states she’s “a frifinish of a friend” and issues that she won’t recognize anyone tright here and also Eddie’s all “you’ll understand me.”

Eddie runs over to Walexecute and also states Angela is “drop dead gorgeous,” yet Walexecute thinks that’s unoutstanding compared to the reality that Eddie’s father is Zorro. Eddie claims he’s gonna go to the party and Walexecute have the right to take Richie trick-or-treating. Richie is not on board with this because Eddie promised, however likewise bereason Waldo is an idiot. Eddie states he’ll make it up to Richie and also swoops over to leave through Angela. He calls her “mistress of the dark” so I guess she’s Elvira. Walcarry out and Richie head out, as well, and also Richie is super bummed.


Fade to three hours later, and Steve and also Laura come in the front door. Laura is a princess and Steve is a frog, hopping alengthy behind her and also “ribbit”-ing.

Judy comes in via a white dress and Diana Ross hair. She claims “I love you, I love you all” over and over as she provides her method upstairs. I have no principle what this is referencing or who she’s supposed to be. Anymeans, Laura is sick of Steve’s frog schtick and also he argues she kiss him and revolve him right into a prince. Laura says no.

Steve: “Oh, come on. Help out a horny toad.”

Waldo and also Richie return and Laura asks Richie if he had fun. The child lifts his mask and it’s not Richie. Laura is understandably horrified and also everyone stands roughly looking perplexed.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal – retro commercial break

After the break, Laura asks the little boy’s name. It’s Tommy Wong and also Steve tells Walperform he “lugged ago the Wong kid.” Waldo goes over to the phone and also calls Darryl. He identifies himself by his full name – Walperform Geralperform Falcarry out – and asks Darryl to tell Eddie to come house. He hangs up and also Laura asks just how he might lug the wrong boy. Um, Laura, Walexecute is very, exceptionally stupid. You’re lucky he uncovered his means back at all. Eddie comes rushing in, all pissed bereason he was around to “sink teeth right into Angela’s neck,” and asks that Tommy is. Steve explains the situation and Eddie says this is “the dumfinest thing” Walexecute has ever done.

Waldo: “Hey, you left a tiny kid via me, and also you’re callin’ me dumb?”

Excellent point, Walcarry out. Laura points out that Richie is most likely scared and also Waldo goes to look out the door in time to watch the adults pull up. Laura decides they’ll just put Tommy’s mask earlier on and also then once the adults aren’t looking, they’ll go back out and try to discover Richie.

The adults come in and also the youngsters are all sitting about looking suspiciously cheerful.

Carl wants to understand what taken place, yet they all say nopoint happened. Rachel goes over to talk to her son and also starts to rerelocate the costume, yet they snatch him away, saying they simply came ago for a “pit stop” and now they’re going earlier out. Just as Eddie reaches the door through Tommy, a woguy through a kid dressed as Spider-Man walks up. (Why do civilization on TV always leave their doors standing open? I open up my door for five secs to let the dog out and also hundreds of bugs fly in.)

The woguy thinks there’s been a mix-up and Eddie’s all “whatever do you mean” and she points to Tommy and asks if he isn’t her boy. Rachel’s all “I think I know my own son” and also pulls the mask off of Tommy. Tommy’s mom clears Richie’s mask. The boys go back to their respective moms and also Eddie pretends this is the initially he kbrand-new about it.

Fade to later on as Rachel asks Eddie exactly how he can so such a thing. You recognize, they’re all pissed at Eddie, however that other lady shed her own kid and also she was really chill about it. Rachel is incredulous that Eddie left a kid via Walperform. Eddie keeps saying he doesn’t know why he did it, Carl repeats that Eddie doesn’t recognize in a sarcastic voice, and also Harriette states “Don’t hand also us that!” It’s tough to take her seriously in that costume, though.

Rachel finally claims that what Eddie did was irresponsible and also that, while it turned out fine, it could’ve been “tragic.” Eddie claims he’s sorry, Carl repeats it, and Harriette claims “Don’t hand also us that!” Eddie timidly suggests that some of the fault lies through “the huge popularity of Spider-Man.” Was Spider-Man massive then? I don’t remember that. Harriette claims Eddie’s hormones overpowered his brain and also Carl says that’s no excusage. The he states the punishment will be significant, “so major that it hasn’t been designed yet.” He claims once he does think of a punishment, it will certainly be so severe that Saddam Hussein would tell him to “lighten up.” Eddie states he deserves whatever before punishment he gets and also Hariette tells him to go in the kitchen and also talk to Richie. Before he goes, he agrees through Harriette around his hormones and also she again states “Don’t hand us that!”

Enjoy a retro commercial break through Pepsi, Doritos, and also monsters

After the break, Eddie finds a really sad Richie at the kitchen table looking at his candy. Eddie asks if he can talk to Richie and also Richie’s all “why don’t you gain Walexecute to perform it?” Oh, snap. Eddie apologizes and Richie says “Don’t you like me?” Eddie says Richie is his “ideal bud” and Richie claims “best buds don’t dump you for a girl.” Eddie reminds Richie of a bike he experienced. Richie says he “wanted that baby the second experienced it.” Eddie claims that’s exactly how he felt around Angela. Richie would certainly fairly have the bike. Eddie states that will certainly readjust and also Richie states that’s scary. Eddie says he was really scared when he uncovered out Richie was absent. He gets all weepy and says he loves Richie and they hug. Eddie offers to take Richie ago out to trick-or-treat some even more and also asks if he acquired much candy with Walexecute.

Richie: “Are you kidding? He threw eggs at homes and also then rang the doorbell. We invested the whole night running.”

Then they leave out the earlier door without informing anyone.

After the break, Carl and also Harriette are lying in bed listening to the rainwoodland tape. They agree that it’s pretty relaxing, and Harriette says she requirements to give thanks to Steve for making the copy. They lie there peacefully falling asleep as the credits roll until we hear a phone ring on the tape and also then Steve’s voice saying “Urkel below, I’m hot, you’re not.”

We hear Steve greet Waldo and also tell him he’s making the tape for Harriette and also her insomnia.

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Steve: “Well, of course that would certainly assist, but Carl claaaiiiims to have back problems.”

Harriette simply rolls over to go to sleep, yet Carl looks super offended.

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