I understand that there"s a way to kill your dwellers. If they die in a disaster. You can revive them or let them reprimary dead. After 24 hrs they will disappear.

But this might have actually some negative side impacts as your other dwellers will be sad about the dead world lying around.

So my primary question is, what is the finest means to kill your dwellers.

Background:You only can have actually 200 dwellers in your vault and a waiting queue of around 10 dwellers waiting at your vault door. If the wait queue is full you won"t have the ability to open lunch boxes anymore. This will certainly prevent me from opening my lunch boxes.

If I reached those boundaries, I have to kill my poor dwellers. Which is the the majority of reliable method? Should I rush a room until rad roaches occur and kill my bad dwellers without any type of weapons and have to wait 24 hrs and loose happiness? Is it much better to send them to the wastelands without tools and also let them die? Will this also minimize the vault happiness too?

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The times I have actually had the must "off" a dweller I simply send them right into the waste and also let them die there. You will have the option to "remove" them when they are dead.

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Just remember to send them out without any type of outfit or weapon.

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answered Jul 15 "15 at 10:24

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Release 1.3 currently permits you to evict Dwellers.

In the 1.3 release, a number of new attributes were included, such as pets, brand-new "pickup lines", and the capacity to evict Dwellers, as well as a couple of various other little features.

To evict a Dweller, all you need to execute is drag them out to the wasteland, and on the panel used to provide them Stimpacks and also Rad-Ameans prior to sending them out to check out, is a tiny red icon; when pressed, will certainly evict the Dweller. Removing them from the roster completely.


Quick and also easy.

Disclaimer: Prepare for feels. The just point preventing me from hating myself completely eexceptionally time I evict a Dweller, is the lack of sad violins playing as they leave the vault.

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Rushing a room will certainly eat dwellers much faster than sending them right into the wasteland for 2 hrs, and also though it only affects 6 dwellers at a time, you deserve to feed more and also more dwellers to the "fatality room" as they start to die off. Plus, there"s always that ~25% chance that you"ll actually get a fresh batch of sources. Either method, as soon as removed, they won"t affect happiness.

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answered Aug 5 "15 at 1:42

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put an elevator dvery own 2 levels and build the cheapest production room leaving an area so that it incollection touching any type of various other room besides the elevator. then rush the room till it fails. it will certainly kill off the dwellers in the room however the fire/rad roach/mole rats will certainly not spread to any type of various other room in your vault. when you have an excess of caps you have the right to additionally use this to put every one of your storage rooms and livening quarters at the bottom of your vault.

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answered Nov 6 "15 at 3:43
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It’s fairly straightforward, drag them out to the wasteland and also rather of pushing explore, press the RED button through a “cross” on it and also it will evict your dweller

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answered Oct 11 "18 at 10:50
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