Is Danse among your favorite companions, and also you"d rather save him around to accompany you later on quite than kill him? Read on, and also I"ll show you exactly how to conserve the bad synth.

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Step 1)Bring charisma gear.In order to save him, you are going to have to pass a collection of persuasion checks. The greater your charisma, via buffs, the easier these are going to be. Bring an intricate hat, a suit, some mentats, anypoint you deserve to to boost this.

Step 2)Convince Elder Maxchild that you didn"t recognize.
Pop some mentats and put on that gear before you stop via Elder Maxson to be provided this search, make a new conserve in instance you fail too. Throughout the conversation he"ll disclose that Danse is a synth, and you"ll have to convince him you had no concept. Even if you fail to convince him, I think you deserve to still save him though, yet it"s better to be safe than sorry right here.

Step 3)Sheight Danse from killing himself.
Turns out, the totality execution isn"t really compelled at all as he"s collection to kill himself if you do not. You"re going to need to pass a couple of persuasion checks to convince him not to carry out it. Aobtain, conserve before you talk to him, and also pop your mentats.

Step 4)Talk Elder Maxboy not to take care of it himself.

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I expect you don"t acquire to be the Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel by simply trusting that your subordinates are just going to carry out what they are told all of the time. He"s complied with you, and is all collection to bring out the execution for you as quickly as you action exterior. Save prior to you do and convince him otherwise.

Elder Maxkid will certainly grudgingly let Danse live, yet he will certainly no much longer be a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. If you ally yourself via him and also bring him roughly as your companion, it"s finest to avoid the brotherhood as they will shoot on sight and also declare you an main enemy of the Brotherhood.
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