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Allows you to call dogmeat from anywhere, pet Dogmeat and feed him treats with animations and buffs

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PortugueseAuthor: GothuskaPet - Call - Feed Dogmeat - Pt

ATTENTION Upgrade process below. Do not ask me about any part of the mod not working unless you upgrade properlyDismiss Dogmeatsave your gameuninstall the old version.

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Make sure you remove all files related to old versionLoad your game back upAsk Dogmeat to follow you again - make sure the pet option is goneDismiss Dogmeat again - this should completely refresh the vanilla questSave the game again (clean save)Quit the gameInstall new version.All should work. You will need to re-add the leash and or dog toy via console or by crafting.3.3Double Pet Bug should be totally fixed. Pet option removed until you first meet DogmeatAdded ability to Call Dogmeat from anywhere anytime, even while you have another companion using the dog leash. You can now whistle for Dogmeat to follow you from anywhere in the wasteland. If Dogmeat is already your companion you will order him around instead.Added ability to pet any non hostile dogs including junkyard dog or non hostile raider dogs. should work with most modded companion dogs as well if they use standard dog races. compatibility patches are easily madeRemoved the ability to use the Squeaky dog toy to call dog meat. Instead, you can give Dogmeat any Red rocket Toy you find in the world and he will play with it like the teddy bear (may add more toys in the future)Additional Script optimizationPet Script re-written from scratch to include other dogs and fix bugs3.2Re-wrote Scripts for further optimization.

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Added Pet option to dog meat when player is close enough. you do not need to engage Dogmeat in dialogue any moreRemoved Pet option from dialogue. Vanilla Dogmeat quest now untouched, no vanilla records altered mod should be compatible with everything now.Added dog whistle Animation - May remove this if people find it annoying, It seems pretty cool and balanced to me3.0 Tiny bug fix for chem lab duplicate category and Dogmeat eating treat when player is too far away
Allows you to pet and feed Dogmeat treats with animations and buffs, as well as whistle for Dogmeat and command Dogmeat from anywhere in the world with the press of a buttonHow it works1. To Pet Dogmeat - Walk up to dog Meat and press the pet button2. Feeding Dogmeat Treats - Works exactly like Dogmeats TeddyBear. Walk up to him and select the option to trade with him. Give him a dog treat, he will come up and take the treat from your hand. The mod comes with custom sound effects of a real dog eating :). The treats you give him will disappear from his inventory right away, you can't give a dog a delicious treat and expect it to stick around ;) Treats will give Dogmeat +1 strength and +1 agility for 120 seconds, plus restore a bit of health. Treats are craft-able at the cooking station for 1 Brahmin steak, 1 box of sugar bombs and 1 can of dog food. Each recipe gives you 12 dog treats. The player can also eat the treats, but it won't give you the same buffs. It will reduce hunger in survival mode and add a bit of health though.3. Call/interact with Dogmeat from anywhere - Craft Dogmeats leash. Use it to call Dogmeat from anywhere. Just whistle, and he will show up or obey your commands4. New Dog toys - Red Rocket Squeaky toy. Give dog meat his fav red rocket squeaky toy. He will play with it. Any standard vanilla Red Rocket toy in the game world should work. All scripts are optimized and cleaned up for final releaseESP cleaned with FO4editvideo demonstration, shows older version
FAQ1. Don't give dog meat more than 1 set of treats at a time, I. E. Give him one, give him another. Giving a group of treats is fine (but won't have any extra effects other than wasting treats)2. Feeding treats animation doesn't always play perfectly in first person when Dogmeat is NOT flagged as your follower. - as long as he is your follower its fine. (Need to test this in new version may not be true anymore)
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Steve40 - Learned a ton working with him, has helped me make my mods much better in generalFadingSignal -He's one of my fav modders, this mod is heavily inspired by his work. Hopefully I am not stepping on his toes with this. I borrowed a bunch of ideas from him here and re-created them with my own twist. KKTheBeast - For helping me make my pages look about 1000 times betterNifskopeCreationkitDexesttp/hkxpack -Thank you for this awesome tool!