Fairy Tail: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Natsu Natsu is one of the most entertaining Shonen figures of his generation. That doesn"t mean, however, that he doesn"t have a few faults as well.

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Fairy Tail is one of the strongest, most indulgent Shonen anime out there. While it doesn"t really do much to step outside of the curve, it does what it does really well. Few series have been able to bring in the hype, tears, and excitement with the same level of consistency as this series, and many of its characters are standard-bearers for their respective archetypes, whether they be ice users, strong female leads, or the mysterious mentor.

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However, what"s really sold this series is its beloved main protagonist, Natsu Dragneel. With his Dragon Slayer magic, faithful friends, and optimistic attitude, Natsu is one of the most entertaining Shonen figures of his generation. That doesn"t mean, however, that he doesn"t have a few faults as well. This will be going over some of them, as it runs down a few things that just don"t make sense about Natsu Dragneel.

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One thing that may stand out to outside viewers and even long-time fans is Fairy Tail"s infamous lack of a consistent physics system. To put things bluntly, the series just uses anime logic. A character gets blasted by lightning? They just come out with frizzy hair. A character gets into a fight? They left an entire building. A character is losing a fight? They summon a well of unexplained power.

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All of the above explains Natsu and more, as he irrationally coasts through Fairy Tail with varying levels of strength, not quite enough to defeat his current masters but apparently more than enough to take on legendary wizards and demons when the situation calls for it.

It"s become a trope that Shonen main characters are gluttonous beasts, but Natsu really takes things to the next level. Not only does he have a large enough appetite to swell up like a balloon, but he"s shown to be able to eat quite literally anything.

He can eat fire, a shapeless chemical process. He can eat iron particles without explaining why that isn"t toxic for him. He can eat lightning...just because. The same goes on for the next few big, anime buffs of the week, whether they"re a really hyped, primordial magic particle or straight-up poison.

With that being said, it"s perhaps not all that strange that Natsu can eat anything. He was raised as a Dragon Slayer; and perhaps in some way, being raised like a dragon somehow grants a person the biological properties of a dragon. Sure. Adding on top of the fact that he"s part demon just means that not everyone may be able to understand how Natsu"s body works.

However, if there"s one thing that still doesn"t make sense about his eating ability, it"s the fact that it makes him practically the Kirby of Shonen anime. In addition to being able to eat anything, Natsu is able to incorporate its magical properties to his body, allowing him to power up with flames, iron, ethernanos, and poison. This has never been described as a power for either dragons or demons and sets a bad example for what should be considered food in this show.

7 Motion Sickness

There"s a running gag in the series that makes every Dragon Slayer have a fit of motion sickness whenever on a vehicle or just generally not on their own two feet. This has infamously been characterized throughout the series by Natsu himself who constantly acts as a problem in the preliminaries of every mission.

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For some reason, being raised by dragons, an infamous flying creature, has somehow made a person ill-equipped for every other moving device in the world. Natsu has even poison before but can"t stomach even some ginger for a train ride.

While riding a train or ship or even just being carried by another person is a big no-no for Natsu, he somehow doesn"t have an issue with being carried by his feline partner, Happy. As he puts it, Happy isn"t a vehicle. He"s his friend. This begs the question: Why is there even a distinction?

Isn"t his motion sickness an unconscious, involuntary response to an alternative moving pattern? How is being carried by a flying cat, who"s tiny arms must struggle from time to time carrying a disproportionately larger person, not cause any motion sickness if not, at least, some concern about falling?

5 Being E.N.D.

Hiro Mashima is a very passionate, very talented mangaka who has earned all of his success. With that being said, it"s pretty evident that he"s made up several elements of Fairy Tail as he went along, and Natsu"s entire backstory is the prime example of it. As it turns out, Natsu is Zeref"s younger brother who died more than 400 years ago during a dragon attack.

After being cursed via alchemy rules and trying to develop demons that could one day kill him, Zeref is able to bring Natsu back to life but as one of the demons meant to kill him, because the logic there totally tracks. This would make Natsu the infamous E.N.D. or "Etherious Natsu Dragneel" and waste a lot of people"s fan theories.

Wanting Natsu to get strong enough to one day kill him, Zeref decides to put him under Igneel"s care, because he apparently doesn"t harbor any hate or trauma after seeing his family get killed by dragons. Much later, however, Igneel and some other dragons make a plan to get strong enough to defeat Acnologia.

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This required that they hide within the literal souls/bodies of their students, time travel to an era plentiful in ethernano, and wait inside their Dragon Slayer students until they"ve collected enough power. There"s not enough time to unpack what that exactly means or even why they had to hide in small children in the first place, but the main idea is that Natsu is in the modern-day because he was used for Dragon time travel.

3 Not Being S-Class

Natsu has defeated every big bad of every arc. He"s defeated literal S-Class wizards, legendary figures of Fairy Tail, multiple opponents during the Grand Magic Games, and even both Zeref and Acnologia within the same day. Yet, he is still not classified as an S-Class wizard.

Gildarts is pretty strong, but he lost several limbs in his fight with Acnologia. Erza is the series" most hyped character, yet she has nowhere near the feats done by Natsu. By the original series" end, he is still not S-Class, leaving one to wonder what that even means and if the series even remembers that class rankings were a thing.

As stated earlier, Natsu is one of the demons of the Books of Zeref that were meant to get strong enough to kill Zeref. However, doing so and destroying his book would also mean his demise, creating a really compelling question towards the end. Will Natsu have to die here?

Apparently not, since Natsu can just sacrifice his demon half, a power set that was only revealed and used at the end of the series, and stay alive. It doesn"t really seem like he made an actual sacrifice here. This is especially concerning given the fact that Natsu had to be resurrected as half-demon when he was little. If that demon half was never essential, why was it there? If it is, shouldn"t he need it to live?

1 Not Dying...At All

While it was a little disappointing that Natsu didn"t have to make a real sacrifice in the end, fans shouldn"t be all that surprised. There have been several parts throughout the series where Natsu should"ve died or, at least, been kept down after an overwhelming and dangerous blow.

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He"s survived lightning charges, heavy blows from weapons, blasts of powerful magic beams, and, as stated in this list several times, ate poison that was both anti-magic and essentially poison. Even though he has Dragon Slayer magic and demon powers at his disposal, Natsu"s greatest powers are apparently friendship and plot armor.