Ultimate "Tiger Mom" Abby Lee Miller—the passionate, unapologetically outspoken, tough-as-nails star of Lifetime’s phenomenal hit Dance Moms and also Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition—provides inspirational, tough love guidance for paleas that desire to assist their kids succeed and for readers of all ages striving to become the finest they can be.

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If you want to aid your son reach the top, you deserve to uncover no much better coach than Abby Lee Miller. While some may criticize her methods, no one says via her results. Her children excel, her teams win, and also her alumni go on to Broadway careers.

Organized by "Abbyisms," her distinctive and effective philosophies on difficult occupational, competition, and life, this straight-talking guide gives clear and proven advice for achieving success, from figuring out your child's passion to laying the groundjob-related for an interesting future career. Abby answers tough inquiries from real moms, shares all the stories fans want to hear, and contains vignettes from shining alums who offer their take on her unique method and also just how it aided them make their desires come true.

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Abby Lee Miller is the owner, director, and chief choreographer of the world-renowned Abby Lee Dance Company kind of. She is additionally the star of Lifetime's Dance Moms, Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, and Abby's Studio Rescue. Abby has been teaching dance because she was fourteen years old and also started her very own competition team, targeted at winning. She's been doing so ever given that.

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Foreword Maddie Ziegler ixOverture 1Opening NumberWelconcerned Abby"s World 5First Position: Croise DevantAll"s Fair in Dance and War 352nd Position: À la Quatrième DevantEveryone"s Replaceable 71Third Position: À la SecondeSave Those Tears for Your Pillow 92Fourth Position: ÉpauléMvarious other Doesn"t Always Kcurrently Best 1165th Position: ÉcartéWhen There"s a Crvery own on Your Head, Someone"s Almethods Watching 143Sixth Position: EffacéSecond Place is the First One to Lose 161Seventh Position: À la Quatrième DerrièreContracts Aren"t Meant to be Broken 183Eighth Position: Croisé DerrièreIt Takes Fifteen Years to Make an Overnight Success 204Grand FinaleYou"re Only as Good as Your Last Performance 222Standing OvationAcknowledgments 237Curtain CallAbout Abbey Lee Miller 240

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